The album “The Jerky Boys” turned out to be the first of many albums. It is the self-titled debut comedy album of the Jerky Boys duo released in 1993. The Jerky Boys’ first album reached platinum sales status and put Jerky Boys comedy on the map.

The Jerky Boys Album 1 contains all the Jerky Boys classics.

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Track List

  1. “Irate Tile Man”
  2. “Unemployed Painter”
  3. “Laser Surgery”
  4. “Insulator Job”
  5. “Egyptian Magician”
  6. “Sol’s Glasses”
  7. “Car Salesman”
  8. “Sushi Chef”
  9. “Super Across The Way”
  10. “The Gay Model”
  11. “The Home Wrecker”
  12. “Auto Mechanic”
  13. “Dental Malpractice”
  14. “Starter Motor Repair”
  15. “Hurt At Work”
  16. “Hot Rod Mover”
  17. “Firecracker Mishap”
  18. “Punitive Damages”
  19. “Piano Tuner”
  20. “Gay Hard Hat”
  21. “Uncle Freddie”