Egyptian Magician

The Jerky Boys, album 1

Title: Egyptian Magician

Characters: Tarbash



0:00 Phone rings..
0:01 Voice 1: “Hiya.”

0:02 Tarbash : “Yes, hello.”

0:03 Voice 1: “Hello.”

0:04 Tarbash: “I called you before. My name is the Egyptian Magician.”

0:08 Voice 1: “The Egyptian Magician?”

0:10 Tarbash: “Right. I called. They told me to call back in one… ten minute.”

0:16 Voice 1: “Uh, hold on.”

0:19 Carol: “Hi, can I help you? Hi, this is Carol, the night manager.”

0:22 Tarbash: “Yes, my name is Tarbash, the Egyptian Magician. I do magic act.”

0:27 Carol: “Okay.”

0:28 Tarbash: “I…”

0:28 Carol: “If you want to come in and audition?”

0:30 Tarbash: “What I do, I eat hot coal.”

0:33 Carol: “That’s great.”

0:33 Tarbash: “I stab customer in eye with saber.”

0:37 Carol: “Uh-huh.”

0:37 Tarbash: “And I sit my cat on my performers and they maul them on stage.”

0:43 Carol: “Wow!”

0:44 Tarbash: “But in my country that considered [Inaudible 00:46].”

0:47 Carol: “Considered… yeah, that’s considered magic.”

0:49 Tarbash: “Right.”

0:50 Carol: “Great.”

0:51 Tarbash: “And then I light people on fire, but it is, you know, fake, you know and I…”

0:57 Carol: “It’s fake.”

0:58 Tarbash: “Right, but that’s what I do, the Egyptian Magician.”

1:02 Carol: “The Egyptian Magician.”

1.03 Tarbash: “Right. Then for encore, I punch my chest and then it disappear into the… the crowd.”

1:10 Carol: “You punch your chest and it disappears in the crowd. That’s it?”

1:17 Tarbash: “Yes, my friend.”

1:18 Carol: “Uh-huh. Umm… well, if you want to stop by, you would only be able to do two tricks.”

1:25 Tarbash: “Okay, that’s good enough for me.  I’m the best.”

1:28 Carol: “Okay.”

1:29 Tarbash: “Then…”

1:29 Carol: “Every Wednesday night.”

1:31 Tarbash: “Then I have small mountain cat that…”

1:34 Carol: “The mountain cat.”

1:35 Tarbash: “…that I terrorize people.”

1:37 Carol: “You terrorize people with a mountain cat. Okay. Well, I don’t know if you… you better not bring the mountain cat in for the first time.”

1:44 Tarbash: “Okay.”

1:45 Carol: “Okay. Umm… come by quarter to nine, sign up and see how you do.”

1:51 Tarbash: “Okay and then maybe just for extra bonus, I choke some of you faculty staff.”

1:58 Carol: “Yeah, you choke the staff. Yeah, okay. Whatever!”

2:02 Tarbash: “Okay, then I come out with whip.”

2:05 Carol: “Yeah, you come out with the whip, okay.  Well, stop by. We’ll see how the act goes.”

2:09 Tarbash: “Okay, my friend.”

2:10 Carol: “Thank you my friend.”