Birthday Prank Calls

Looking to make that perfect  Birthday Prank Call? Feeling a bit frisky, well, let me continue with my article on Birthday prank call ideas for the family. Birthdays are usually high energy times, but remember to prank and wink 🙂

Do you know a person in your life that has a birthday coming up? Why don’t you give this person a friendly birthday prank call? Nothing makes a big splash like a Prank birthday call from family and friends like uncle Jack, Steve, and don’t forget the kings of pranks, the jerky boys.

This phone prank is Something no mother intends to listen to on her 60th birthday. Be slick; change your voice to sound as if you are intoxicated. It could be so funny. You could mimic inner feelings or delicate confessions, or amusing compliments. 

Your whole reaction on the other side of the receiver, of course, is as sober as imaginable and probably with a big smile. That’s the fun part about phone pranks.; Seems cool, right?  As long as your mom recognizes you’re ok and it’s a joke.

When it gets a little dull, and you want to perk up your day. Try a creative prank phone call. Have some fun and brighten the mood.

A well-executed prank can make you quite happy even when you are at the other end of the receiver, most times. Why don’t you try to be a birthday prankster?

Try a random number like The Jerky Boys perform on individuals with their many characters..

To know these guys is really to appreciate them. They are very entertaining comedian artists. Ok, these guys are not your typical round of mill foul mouth hysterically funny pranksters. They are the 90s famed phone pranksters that you certainly know and appreciate. I don’t know if the prankster or the prankee is funnier. 

Have them prank someone you know on their birthday. 

Try this one; Call and tell a person that you love them and miss them very much. 

When they ask who’s calling,  appear distressed and ask how many other people in their  lifes call, saying they love you? At that point, they will be baffled, but play along like you’re disturbed about all of this. Factor in a nice phony cry and the person may either try and calm you down or hang up on you. 

Your pal might get mad at this Phone prank call, so go forward and be careful on this one. Your Friends might get heartbroken.

You will need to change your voice if you’re pranking yourself. 

Call a friend and pretend you’re calling from a T.V show. Ensure to call them by their name, so they believe it’s legitimate. 

After that, allow your close friend to understand they could win two tickets to see their favorite all-time band.  Tickets are tough to get. All he has to do for these fantastic tickets is answer this question:

What is a five-letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it. 

The Answer is:  Short

When your buddy responds, you inform them that they unfortunately answered incorrectly and did not win the tickets


You will surely enjoy a great laugh.

Being on the receiving end of a prank telephone call may be fun if it’s performed well enough to make someone laugh hysterically.  When someone is having a dull day, and they want to perk up the day. Try a creative birthday prank call. It is a fun way to enhance a person’s  mood and have some fun.