Birthday Prank Phone Calls

Birthday prank calls are probably one of the most common fun activities done by people to their friends and even on someone they do not know. It is not too expensive yet has a personal touch on them. It is totally hilarious and worth every moment of it.  

And if you are a big fan of the famous comic duo from New York, the Jerky Boys, a personalized practical birthday joke on your friends or loved ones is a must have gift. You can have Sol Rosenberg, Jack Tors, Frank Kissel,or even Frank Rizzo call the birthday celebrant while you listen and watch his or her puzzled face. To enjoy this moment, let us know all the details, choose who you want to call your friend, tell us something about the celebrant and when do you want us to call.

All calls are personalized, thus, provide us with some intimate details and we guarantee that it will be a blast. Heck, you can even record everything on your mobile phone as you watch your friend receive the prank and see the expressions on their faces.

 A little something about the famous Jerky Boys:

The Jerky Boys is an American comic duo from Queens, New York whose act consists of prank phone calls. Popular during the 80s, the act is composed of Johnny Brennan and Kamal Ahmed. The two comics did not start the phone call prank, but were attributed to have perfected the skit. They were popular until the early 2000 when Ahmed decided to leave the duo. Brennan went to continue as a solo performer.

The two started calling unsuspecting recipients and recorded the calls in the 70s. Each calls are unique and in character. Howard Stern, a very popular radio personality, got hold of their act and played one of their skits on air. The rest as they say is history.

Some of the popular Jerky Boys Characters to choose from 

Frank Rizzo: voiced by Brennan, Rizzo is a foul mouthed blue-collar Italian-American New Yorker who loves to curse. He is known for making bizarre complaints and odd requests. The character annoys potential employer while on a job hunting. He even accuses the character of Mickey Mouse for molesting his kids. Frank is perfect for birthday celebrant who is easily taken aback and can easily be your “victim.”

Sol Rosenberg: A flimsy New Yorker Jew who is also very insecure. He has lots of issues and various strange ailments. Brennan is the man behind the voice of this problematic character who at one time asked for a genital wart treatment. Sounds really weird right? And if you want to surprise your friend on his birthday, Sol can talk with ease with his comical illness as you watch the face of your friend squirms with “disgust!”

Jack Tor: This character is perfect for people or for your friends who does not expect a call from a homosexual. Jack Tor, again voiced by Brennan, is a loud and tacky gay person who is always on the go for strange sexual escapades. Just imagine your religious friend receiving a call from this character! The result is going to be great!

There are lots of Jerky Boys characters to choose from, depending on who you want to surprise on their birthday or what-have-you occasions. Just let us know and we will do the rest. We will make sure they get hilariously roasted perfectly!

If you are searching for the best, the most amusing and obviously the most memorable birthday prank calls, then you are in the right place. The Jerky Boys can make your harassing phone call very funny, unique and eve sound credible. A little help from you and we can get things done. But before that, here are some things that you need to keep in mind:

Plan out the story pretty well, in this case, your friend’s story. Make sure to lay down those juicy parts to us in order to make everything real and credible. Make sure that your friend will not take everything personally. Remember this is supposed to be fun and should not be taken offensively. Let us know in advance what things we are not suppose to say to avoid going overboard. When the prank calls is done and over, you can now have a good laugh with your friend. When you managed to make a video, replay it with your friend and laugh, after all everything is a prank!

Lastly, spread the word, how the Jerky Boys birthday prank had made your and your friend’s day!

Aside from our birthday prank calls, let our characters surprise your friend on other occasions like New Years, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother and Father’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and more. We are also expert annoying people on other events like Bachelor’s Party, Engagement, Graduation, Anniversaries, Baby Shower and much more. Just remember, everything is just for fun. Let our Jerky Boys character of your choice call your favorite person, and watch how their face changes.