The Insulator Job

The Jerky Boys, album 1

Title: Insulator Job

Characters: Roland


The skit involves a phone conversation between Roland and an unidentified caller discussing an insulator job. The caller inquires about the job, asking Roland for details and safety equipment provisions. Roland, seemingly unfamiliar with the job specifics, mentions his role in estimating rather than hands-on work. The caller, confident in handling insulation work, asserts the necessity of proper safety gear and expresses a nonchalant attitude toward the hazardous material. Despite the miscommunication and the caller’s unconventional approach, Roland agrees to have the caller speak to his boss on Monday to sort things out. The conversation is filled with contrasting tones – one party focused on safety and procedure, the other boasting about their experience with insulation work. Ultimately, the interaction ends with an agreement for further discussion, leaving an ambiguous and slightly comical impression due to the differences in their perspectives and approaches to the job.



0:00 Phone rings..

0:01 Roland: “Good afternoon.”

0:02 Voice 1: “Yeah. How’re you doin’? I’m calling about the insulator job.”

0:06 Roland: “Insulator job?”

0:06 Voice 1: “Yeah, that’s right.”

0:08 Roland: “Yeah. Did you call before?”

0:09 Voice 1: “No, I didn’t call before. Did you recognize the voice?”

0:12 Roland: “No because I am just asking. The person who is taking care is not here today.”

0:17 Voice 1: “Well, how about I tell you a little bit of information.”  

0:20 Roland: “Umm! I don’t know much about it. That’s why.”

0:23 Voice 1: “Well, what do you know?”

0:24 Roland: “I… I know estimating.”

0:26 Voice 1: “Well, you know the estimating, huh, but you don’t know about working with this insulation shit.”

0:30 Roland: “No, I don’t know. I don’t go to the jobs often during the jobs.”

0:33 Voice 1: “Yeah, I can bet you don’t because you’d be itchin’ your ass if you did pal. That shit makes you itch. You know, you gotta wear long clothes, the breathers, the respirators, the whole nine yards.”

0:42 Roland: “Yeah.”

0:42 Voice 1: “You got all that shit, that safety shit?”

0:44 Roland: “Excuse me.”

0:45 Voice 1: “You have all that safety equipment because I’ll need it?”

0:48 Roland: “Uh-huh.”

0:48 Voice 1: “I only work with safety equipment and a good firm. You don’t fuckin’ give me the little shit breathers. I gotta have the good stuff.”

0:55 Roland: “Okay, then you got to call Monday.”

0:57 Voice 1: “You know, alright. Well, tell me some information about yourself. Tell me what you do.”

1:02 Roland: “We do asbestos removal.”

1:04 Voice 1: “That’s right. You do asbestos removal. I’m good with that. I’m good.”

1:07 Roland: “Okay.”

1:08 Voice 1: “Go ahead. Tell me more.”

1:10 Roland: “And that’s all and we do some boiler removal and pipes insulation and breeching and everything.”

1:19 Voice 1: “You do, huh?”

1:20 Roland: “Yeah.”

1:20 Voice 1: “Very proud of you. That’s very nice and that’s what… so what, that’s all you do, huh?”

1:25 Roland: “Yeah.”

1:25 Voice 1: “Look, I worked with that shit so long, I can eat the fucking shit. It doesn’t bother me.”

1:29 Roland: “Um-hum.”

1:29 Voice 1: “I eat it. I put mustard on and eat the fuckin’ shit.”

1:32 Roland: “Uh-hum.”

1:32 Roland: “You hear where I’m coming from babe?”

1:34 Roland: “Yeah.”

1:34 Voice 1: “Okay.”

1:35 Roland: “Okay, so call Monday.”

1:36 Voice 1: “Yeah, I’ll call you Monday. Who should I as… what’s your name?”

1:39 Roland: “Roland.”

1:40 Voice 1: “What?”

1:40 Roland: “Roland.”

1:41 Voice 1: “Roland, I’m goin’ to ask for you and then you could put your fuckin’ boss on with me, okay?”

1:44 Roland: “Okay.”

1:45 Voice 1: “And I’ll… I’ll straighten shit out over there, okay.”

1:47 Roland: “Okay.”

1:48 Voice 1: “See you then.”

1:48 Roland: “Okay, bye.