Super Across The Way

The Jerky Boys, album 1

Title: Super Across The Way




0:00 Phone rings..
0:02 Voice 1: “One moment please. Good evening, may I help you?”

0:05 Voice 2: “Yeah, let me speak to Brett Weir.”

0:07 Voice 1: “Uh, who’s calling?”

0:09 Voice 2: “Is he in?”

0:10 Voice 1: “Yeah, who’s calling?”

0:11 Voice 2: “Look jerky, I don’t need to talk to you.”

0:16 Voice 1: “You don’t need to talk to me?”

0:18 Voice 2: “Get Brett Weir I said.”

0:21 Voice 1: “Hold on. He’s upstairs repairing stuff. You want him to call you back?”

0:26 Voice 2: “Well, this is the super across the way.”

0:29 Voice 1: “Yeah.”

0:30 Voice 2: “And he was supposed to take care of some business for me and I’m very angry at that little jerk, alright. Now, I’m goin’ to break his fuckin’ head.”

0:39 Voice 1: “So what you want me to do… get in touch with you where?”

0:41 Voice 2: “Uhh, you… he knows what the fuck I’m talkin’ about and don’t have me come down after you either, tough guy. You tell him to see me.”

0:49 Voice 1: “Super across the street?”

0:50 Voice 2: “You got it punk!”

0:51 Voice 1: “Okay.”