Irate Tile Man – Frank Rizzo

The Jerky Boys, album 1

Title: Irate Tile Man

Characters: Frank Rizzo,


The skit features a phone call between Frank Rizzo and a customer service representative regarding a purchase of 400 square feet of kitchen ceramic tiles. Frank expresses frustration, claiming that half of the tiles are broken and that he’s angry about the situation. Despite the representative’s attempts to understand the issue and offer assistance, Frank remains irate, describing the tiles as a tan or sandalwood color and emphasizing his urgency to complete a job. The conversation escalates with Frank’s increasing agitation, criticizing the representative and their supposed constant problems. The skit concludes with Frank insisting on being heard, reiterating his name, and requesting the representative to pay attention. Throughout the exchange, there’s a comedic tension arising from Frank’s escalating frustration and the representative’s attempts to handle the situation diplomatically.