“Pico – Cut the Wire” (Brennan)

Sol’s Rusty Trombone (Album 7)

Title: “Pico – Cut the Wire” (Brennan)




0:01 Frank:        “Come on, you crazy little wetback, I said cut the damn wire.”

0:04 Pico:          “Did you make sure you shut the juice off?”

0:06 Frank:        “Come on already, knock it off. Cut the wire, I told you the juice is off.”

0:10 Pico:          “Okay.” *electric noise* “Aaagh!”

0:13 Frank:        “Holy Jesus.”

0:14 Pico:          “Aagh, aagh!”

0:15 Frank:        “What the hell are you doing?”

0:17 Pico:          “You told me the juice was off. You try to killing me!”