Herman – Sammy Cox

The Jerky Boys, Album 4

Title: Herman

Characters: Sammy Cox, Herman


In this skit from The Jerky Boys Show with Johnny Brannen, the comedic exchange revolves around prank calls featuring characters like Frank Rizzo, Sol Rosenberg, Herman, and Sammy Cox. The skit is sponsored by GameFly, with a brief mention at the beginning.

The prank calls begin with Frank Rizzo introducing himself, followed by Sol Rosenberg, both engaging in humorous and confusing conversations with unsuspecting recipients. The dialogue is characterized by mistaken identities, with Sol Rosenberg clarifying that his name is Sol, not Sal. The confusion continues as they interact with individuals who seem perplexed and, at times, irritated by the calls.

As the skit progresses, Herman receives a call from Sammy Cox, who comically complains about a hot cup of soup that has caused discomfort to his private parts. Herman, initially confused, tries to understand the situation but ends up laughing at Sammy Cox’s absurd complaints. The humor escalates as Sammy Cox accuses Herman of inappropriate actions with another character named Scott, incorporating suggestive and ridiculous scenarios into the conversation.

The skit concludes with Herman attempting to identify Sammy Cox, who playfully claims to be Pancho, adding a final touch of absurdity to the prank call. The exchange is filled with witty banter, mistaken identities, and over-the-top scenarios, providing a lighthearted and entertaining experience for the audience.