“Jerky Call, No. 5: Got Worms” (Brennan)

Sol’s Rusty Trombone (Album 7)

Title: “Jerky Call, No. 5: Got Worms” (Brennan)




0:01 Phone rings.

0:03 Speaker:    “Hello.”

0:04 Sol:             “Hello?”

0:05 Speaker:    “Hello.”

0:05 Sol:             “Hi.”

0:06 Speaker:    “Hi.”

0:07 Sol:             “Hi, thank you. Hello?”

0:10 Speaker:    “Hello.”

0:10 Sol:             “Hi.”

0:11 Speaker:    “Yes?”

0:12 Sol:             “Sir?”

0:13 Speaker:    “Yes?”

0:13 Sol:             “Hi.”

0:14 Speaker:    “Hi.”

0:15 Sol:             “Do you have worms?”

0:16 Speaker:    “No.”

0:18 Sol:             “Fish and tackle?”

0:19 Speaker:    “Fish and tackle, yes.”

0:20 Sol:             “No worms?”

0:21 Speaker:    “No worms.”

0:22 Sol:             “Do you have hellgrammites?”

0:24 Speaker:    “Hellgrammites, yes.”

0:25 Sol:             “They bite, and if I come in to buy fishing tackle…”

0:29 Speaker:    “Wait a minute, you want live ones or artificial?”

0:31 Sol:             “Oh god, those live ones, they bite, don’t they?”

0:37 Speaker:    “Uh, yeah, they do.”

0:39 Sol:             “They got like little snappers on them or pinchers, or something?”

0:42 Speaker:    “Yeah, I only sell the artificial ones.”

0:44 Sol:             “Ah, one time one of them, they bit my legs, they got me on my legs, so they all got loose in the boat.”

0:50 Speaker:    “Oh.”

0:52 Sol:             “And I, don’t get sore, but I couldn’t walk.”

0:55 Speaker:    “Ah.”

0:57 Sol:             “Don’t be mad. Hello?”

0:58 Speaker:    “Hello.”

0:59 Sol:             “Yeah. You have fishing hooks over there?”

1:02 Speaker:    “Yeah.”

1:03 Sol:             “Um, yeah, ah, I’m gonna go out deep sea diving. Hello?