“Jerky Call, No. 4: Occasional Banners” (Brennan)

Sol’s Rusty Trombone (Album 7)

Title: “Jerky Call, No. 4: Occasional Banners” (Brennan)




0:01 Phone rings.

0:03 Speaker:    “Hello.”

0:04 Frank:        “Hey, how yadoin there, honey? What’s up?”

0:06 Speaker:    “What can I help you with?”

0:07 Frank:        “Uh, yeah, you got flags over there?”

0:09 Speaker:    “Yes, we do.”

0:10 Frank:        “You make flags. What sort of flags you got there?”

0:12 Speaker:    “Any flags you want.”

0:13 Frank:        “Uh, yeah, I suppose you got all the countries and the little towns and cities there. You make those fancy upstate kind of things where they hang them outside their houses with the pigs on them and like a cow now and then?”

0:23 Speaker:    “The occasional banners, yeah.”

0:24 Frank:        “Yeah, what are they called there?”

0:26 Speaker:    “Occasional banners.”

0:27 Frank:        “Like a little jar of jelly, I saw one there that time with a little jam on it, or something like that?”

0:31 Speaker:    “Yeah, occasional banners.”

0:33 Frank:        “I guess that’s what I’m looking for, then. I gotta get me a nice flag there. What I want is, you know, we sit out there at the ole picnic table, you know, telling the old fish stories…”

0:41 Speaker:    “Mm-hmm…”

0:42 Frank:        “Yeah, I was thinkin, I got a picture of my mother, she’s got this picture of her in a bikini.”

0:46 Speaker:    “Mm-hmm…”

0:47 Frank:        “And we’re just thinkin a nice surprise for the old broad, we’re going to stick it up on a flag, if you make a special flag for me, we hang it up over the family reunion there.

0:52 Speaker:    “Mm-hmm…”

0:53 Frank:        “Is that, we gotta go with that. Now, what do you do? You take the photograph and you actually sew it onto the flag? Or what’s the story with that?

0:59 Speaker:    “I don’t know, you’d have to come in and speak to one of the salesmen.”

1:02 Frank:        “Well, I really had this damn thing blown up, it’s a good picture. She looks a little silly, though, I didn’t want to say nothin, though. You know, she’s a little oversized for that silly little bikini on her, but I say we stick up there anyway. The whole family is going to nutty when they see it, you know?”

1:15 Speaker:    “Mm-hmm.”Well, you’re welcome to come in and speak with one of the salesmen.”

1:19 Frank:        “Uh, yeah, it’s a great picture, though.”

1:21 Speaker:    “Mm-hmm.”

1:22 Frank:        “She’s sittin there on flag day, she’s got all that…”

1:24 Speaker:    “Could you hold a moment?”

1:24 Frank:        “Go ahead.”

1:29 Speaker2: “Can I help you? Lee has just got called away from her desk.”

1:31 Frank:        “Oh that’s great, no, I think she squared it away for me, thanks a lot there, chief.”

1:35 Speaker:    “No problem.”

1:36 Frank:        “Yeah, we’re going to sew it up on that flag, however the hell you do, and we’ll raise it up over the family, everybody throws some shit up at the flag, we have a good laugh.”

1:43 Speaker:    “Good.”

1:44 Frank:        “Alright there, Charlie?”

1:45 Speaker:    “Right, take care.”

1:46 Frank:        “Alright, so long there, pancake.”