“Jerky Call, No. 3: Small Eel, Small Shock” (Brennan)

Sol’s Rusty Trombone (Album 7)

Title: “Jerky Call, No. 3: Small Eel, Small Shock” (Brennan)




0:01 Phone rings.

0:02 Speaker:    “Fish and Tackle, may I help you?”

0:04 Frank:        “Hello.”

0:05 Speaker:    “Hello, can I help you?”

0:07 Frank:        “No, no, no. Hello?”

0:13 Speaker:    “Sorry, only English or Korean.”

0:15 Frank:        “No, hello?”

0:17 Speaker:    “Hello?”

0:18 Frank:        “Excuse me, how do you do, ma’am. Hello?”

0:20 Speaker:    “Yes, can I help you?”

0:21 Frank:        “Hiya, I’d like to get some tackle.”

0:24 Speaker:    “Uh-huh.”

0:25 Frank:        “What sorts of tackle do you have there?”

0:27 Speaker:    “Well, for fishing, everything for fishing.”

0:29 Frank:        “Oh, okay.”

0:31 Speaker:    “Okay?”

0:32 Frank:        “Yeah. Um, you have worms?”

0:34 Speaker:    “Yes, I do.”

0:35 Frank:        “Uh, crabs?”

0:36 Speaker:    “Yes.”

0:37 Frank:        “Little ones, like the little baby ones there.”

0:39 Speaker:    “I have the little baby ones right now, the smaller size are the green crabs.”

0:42 Frank:        “Alright, you got, you have, green ones, huh, they don’t make great bait. What about hellgrammite?”

0:48 Speaker:    “No, no, oh, if you’re freshwater fishing, I don’t have…

0:52 Frank:        “No, no, no, I don’t freshwater fish, no.”

0:55 Speaker:    “Well, hellgrammite is a freshwater bait”

0:57 Frank:        “Uh, that’s right they are, but I use them in saltwater.

0:59 Speaker:    “Okay, well, I don’t have hellgrammite.”

1:02 Frank:        “Okay, something similar that we can use in saltwater.”

1:07 Speaker:    “Mm, nothing comes to mind. All I have is sandworms.”

1:09 Frank:        “Uh, the end of a shoelace may work.”

1:11 Speaker:    “Well, then I guess you can try that.”

1:14 Frank:        “No, no, something that looks along those lines. You know, we’re going to be goin on a boat there, a bunch of the guys, and we’re going have a picnic going on, on the boat, you know?”

1:24 Speaker:    “Mm-hmm.”

1:25 Frank:        “And, uh, gotta get some bait.”

1:28 Speaker:    “Okay.”

1:28 Frank:        “We got the rods, we got all the rods and all that jazz, jazzy stuff, too, gotta see it. What sorts of bait you got?”

1:35 Speaker:    “As I said, I have all worms…”

1:38 Frank:        “No, no, no, no worms. Let’s see, little rocks, perhaps, something that we can put on the hook, something, I’m not used to the salt there, you know?”

1:54 Speaker:    “Mm-hmm.”

1:55 Frank:        “Okay, so, what’ll we go, a little piece of a tree, bark, something, pebble, something? I don’t know. Something that’ll attract the fish, you know, it’s got to make a lot of motion, movement.”

2:04 Speaker:    “Well, then why don’t you use a lure?”

2:06 Frank:        “No, no, uh, I’d be tempted to do that, except it may snap the rod and wing me in the face, or something. Those lures can get pretty hefty underwater, they spin, they spin. Is that what you’re talking about? Spinning lure?”

2:21 Speaker:    “Mm-hmm.

2:22 Frank:        “Well, that twists up the line, that’ll probably hurt someone. Something else, give me an idea, shoot me an idea and I’ll order some.”

2:30 Speaker:    “Well, you don’t want to use worms, and you don’t want to use lures, and you want a lot of movement. So, I guess you have to use crabs or eels, or something in that range.”

2:39 Frank:        “No, no, no. May I ask, who would be handling these eels? They sting.”

2:47 Speaker:    “I guess you would.”

2:48 Frank:        “Electric, not good. How bout small eels, small shock?”

2:58 Speaker:    “You know what, I have somebody else coming in, in the afternoon. You might want to talk to him, he knows more about the bait than I do, okay?”

3:04 Frank:        “No, no, goodbye.”