“Introduction” (Brennan)

Sol’s Rusty Trombone (Album 7)

Title: “Introduction” (Brennan)




0:01 Sol:             Ooh, wee, oh boy, look, it’s the big circus Tent. Wee! Wow! Let’s go inside. Please, can we go inside?

0:10 Frank:        Alright, alright, pipe down numb nuts, we’re going in.

0:12 Sol:             Ooh, Jack, look, look…

0:13 Jack:          Yes, yes, I see.

0:15 Frank:        I said pipe down you little prick.

0:17 Sol:             Ooh, hey, Jesus, Frank, that’s uncalled for. Why do you have to be so damn mean to me?

0:22 Frank:        Cuz you’re actin like a jackass. There’s people around watchin and you’re jumpin up and down like an idiot.

0:28 Sol:             Well that’s only because I’m so excited, Frank.

0:30 Jack:          Come on, Frank, lighten up, he’s just excited, he loves it here.

0:34 Sol:             Wow, look over there, they got ring tones!

0:36 Frank:        They’re called Jerky Tones, numb nuts.

0:39 Sol:             Okay, okay. Voice mails for your cellphone and your home answering machine? This is fantastic.

0:46 Jack:          Ooh, you’re right Sol, it really is.

0:48 Frank:        Alright, alright, the two of yous, the wandering Jew and the fruity ass bastard, let’s just get on with it.

0:52 Sol:             Hey, I found some new Jerky Boys calls, over here by the fat lady. Ooh, get off, get off!

1:01 Frank:        “What are you doing, numb nuts? Get up out of there, you horny little prick. Look Jerky, we got voicemails for your home answering machine and cellphone.