Donald Trump wanted to prank-call CNN’s Chris Cuomo from White House

The recent uproar surrounding an alleged prank call scheme involving Donald Trump, Chris Cuomo of CNN, and Andrew Cuomo has stirred controversy in political and media circles.

The Players Involved

In this saga, we have Donald Trump, the former President known for his unorthodox media approaches, and Chris Cuomo, a prominent CNN anchor. Andrew Cuomo, former governor and Chris’s brother, also surfaces in this curious tale.

The Alleged Prank Call

Details have emerged suggesting a planned call from the White House involving Andrew Cuomo and Chris Cuomo, orchestrated by Donald Trump himself. The White House’s involvement in this maneuver raises eyebrows, hinting at a calculated move to provoke a reaction from the CNN anchor.

Donald Trump from the white house prank calls Chris Cuomo

Insights from the Book

The revelation comes from a new book, adding weight to the allegation. While the credibility of the source is under scrutiny, key points from the book shed light on the incident, adding fuel to the controversy.

Reactions and Fallout

Public and media reactions have been swift, with debates swirling around the ethical implications and potential fallout from such a revelation. The impact on both Trump’s image and Chris Cuomo’s career is being widely discussed.

Trump’s Approach to Media

This incident is part of a broader pattern in Trump’s history with media interactions, shaping his political persona and public perception.

Chris Cuomo’s Perspective

Chris Cuomo’s response to these allegations and how it might affect his professional trajectory is being closely observed.

Andrew Cuomo’s Involvement

Andrew Cuomo’s connection in this event raises questions and invites speculations about his role in the alleged prank call.

Ethical and Legal Implications

The ethical dilemma and potential legal consequences stemming from this incident are being debated, touching upon privacy issues and ethical journalism practices.

Similar Incidents and Precedents

Looking back at similar incidents in the past and drawing lessons from them helps understand the gravity of this alleged prank call.

Media Ethics and Responsibility

This event underscores the critical role of media ethics and responsibility in maintaining credibility and trust.

Public Perception and Trust

The aftermath of such events often impacts public trust in both the media and political figures, necessitating efforts to rebuild credibility.

Future Ramifications

This incident might have far-reaching effects on the dynamics between media and political figures, shaping future interactions and narratives.


The alleged prank call involving Trump, Chris Cuomo, and Andrew Cuomo brings to light the intricacies of media, politics, and ethical considerations, inviting introspection into the broader implications.