Egyptian Magician – the woke version

Title: “Socially Conscious Sorcerer”

[Scene: A bustling urban street. A socially conscious individual named Alex is sitting on a bench, engrossed in their book. Suddenly, a person in a vibrant, ethically sourced costume approaches, a “Social Sorcerer” named Sam.]

Sam: Greetings, friend! I sense your energy is in need of upliftment.

Alex: Um, hello there. Can I help you?

Sam: I am Sam, the Social Sorcerer. I offer conscious solutions to your everyday struggles. May I assist you in any way?

Alex: Well, I wasn’t really looking for any magical assistance, but sure, why not?

Sam: Excellent! What seems to be troubling you?

Alex: Honestly, I’m feeling overwhelmed by the state of the world. There’s so much inequality, injustice, and environmental degradation. It’s disheartening.

Sam: Ah, I understand. Let me channel the energies of compassion and justice to provide you with guidance.

[Sam closes their eyes and raises their hands, focusing on sending positive vibes.]

Sam: (chanting softly) Om, shanti, peace and equity. May the forces of change bring forth unity and sustainability.

Alex: (impressed) Wow, that’s actually quite calming.

Sam: Remember, friend, activism starts within. Engage in mindful consumption, support marginalized communities, and advocate for policies that promote equality and environmental stewardship.

Alex: Thank you, Sam. I’ll definitely keep that in mind.

Sam: It’s my duty as a Social Sorcerer to spread awareness and empower others to create a better world for all beings. If you ever need guidance again, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Alex: I appreciate it. Take care, Sam.

[Sam nods with a warm smile before continuing down the street, spreading their message of social consciousness.]

[End Scene]