Testing for Jeopardy – the woke version

Title: “Inclusive Jeopardy Audition”

[Scene: A nondescript office setting. A diverse group of individuals, including people of various ethnicities, genders, and abilities, sit nervously in chairs, waiting for their turn.]

[Enter a facilitator, wearing a “diversity and inclusion advocate” badge.]

Facilitator: Hello, everyone! Welcome to the auditions for our socially conscious version of Jeopardy. Today, we’re not just testing knowledge; we’re testing for inclusivity and empathy. Let’s start with you, please state your name and pronouns.

Participant 1: My name is Alex, and my pronouns are they/them.

Facilitator: Thank you, Alex. Now, could you tell us how you plan to promote diversity and equity if chosen for the show?

Participant 1: Absolutely. I believe in amplifying marginalized voices and advocating for representation across all categories. Whether it’s highlighting historical figures from underrepresented communities or addressing systemic injustices in the questions, I aim to make Jeopardy a platform for social change.

Facilitator: Wonderful! Next up, please.

[The auditions continue with each participant expressing their commitment to social justice and inclusivity.]

[Finally, it’s time for the last participant, who enters confidently.]

Participant 7: Hey, y’all! My name’s Jamie, and I’m here to shake up the game with some woke wisdom!

Facilitator: Jamie, could you share how you plan to ensure accessibility for neurodiverse and differently-abled contestants?

Jamie: Absolutely! I’ve been researching ways to make the game more accessible, like providing alternative formats for questions and ensuring that the set is wheelchair-friendly. I’m also passionate about incorporating sign language interpreters for our deaf and hard-of-hearing players.

Facilitator: That’s fantastic, Jamie. We appreciate your dedication to inclusivity.

[The auditions conclude with a sense of optimism and enthusiasm for a more inclusive Jeopardy.]

Facilitator: Thank you all for sharing your visions of a more equitable Jeopardy. We’ll be in touch soon with our decisions. Remember, the game of knowledge is also a game of empathy and understanding. Let’s continue to strive for a better, more inclusive world, one question at a time.

[The participants nod in agreement and exit the room, hopeful for the future of Jeopardy.]