Big Hock

The Jerky Boys, Stop Staring at Me!

Title: Big Hock

Characters: Frank Rizzo, Jake




0:03 Jake: ‘Hello.”

0:04 Frank: “Hello.”

0:05 Jake: “Yeah.”

0:07 Frank: “I’m calling about the ad in the Village Voice.”

0:09 Jake: “Who’s this?”

0:10 Frank: “Hello. My name is Frank.”

0:12 Jake: “Frank, who?”

0:13 Frank: “Frank [Inaudible 00:14]

0:15: Jake: “Yeah. From where?”

0:16 Frank: “I live in Brooklyn.”

0:17 Jake:  “Okay.”

0:19 Frank: “I… I think I’m good enough. I could be a professional football player easy. I’m telling you, I play semi pro ball. I’m good. I’m good. I’m a full back.”

0:28 Jake: “Alright. You’re a semi pro out of where?”

0:30 Frank: “Semi pro out of [Inaudible 00:30]. Actually, I play in Queens. I play for Bayside. You ever hear the Raiders?

0:35 Jake: “Oh, you play for Kanasi.”

0:36 Frank: “No, I ain’t play for Kanasi. I play Bayside Raiders.”

0:39 Jake: “Oh, I got you. The Cornwall Dragons”

0:40 Frank: “That’s the ones.”

0:42 Jake: “Aha!”

0:43 Frank”: [Laughs] No, the Raiders, Bayside Raiders. You heard of them, right?”

0:45 Jake: “Oh, they’re a good team.”

0:46 Frank: “They’re all good. I play for them.”

0:47 Jake: “Oh, yeah?”

0:48 Frank: “I play for them. I’m their fullback. I’m the best.”

0:50 Jake: “Oh, you’re the fullback in… What was it, ’77 through ’82?”

0:54 Frank: “No. I’m the full back now. What you talkin’ about ’77- ’82? ’77- ’82, I was a kid. I was in high school in 1984.

1:02 Jake: “Big Charlie?”

1:03 Frank: “Charlie who?”

1:05 Jake: “That’s what they call you on the team, Big Charlie?”

1:08 Frank: “They call me Big Hock.”

1:10 Jake: “Hawkins?”

1:12 Frank: “No, Hock. H-O-C-K.”

1:14 Jake: “Okay. Big Cock”

1:15 Frank”:”No. Hock. That’s what they call me, Big Hock”

1:18 Jake: “Big Hock, okay. I thought it was a nickname amongst the guys, you know big cock.”

1:22 Frank: “Well that too but you know…”

1:23 Jake: “You know you guys in the locker room.”

1:25 Frank: “Nickname was Big Hock”

1:26 Jake: “Alright, c’mon.”

1:27 Frank: “Call me Big Hock. Everybody knows me. I’m the fullback on the team. I’m telling you. I’m telling you right now. If you’re an agent and you get 10%, you’re gonna make money with me because I’m gonna go pro. I’m telling you.”

1:36 Jake:”Well, I don’t doubt that but I don’t get 10%, I get 20%.”

1:40 Frank: “I’ll pay 20% if you can definitely get me on the team. You gotta understand. It’s been my dream to play in the NSL my whole life. I gotta go.”

1:48 Jake: “Alright. Then you want to talk to Mr. Silverman.”

1:50 Frank: “That’s who I wanted to call. [Inaudible 01:51] Silverman.”

1:53 Jake:”You want to call back in about maybe 5. He’ll be in from lunch.”

1:57 Frank: “He may be in from lunch. Why 5 minutes. Can I speak to him now?”

2:00 Jake: “Oh, he’s out to lunch now.”

2:02 Frank: “Who’s this?”

2:03 Jake: “This is Jake. I work for Mr. Silverman.”

2:05 Frank: “Jake. You work for Mr. Silverman.?”

2:06 Jake: “Right.”

2:07 Frank: “Can you write my information down?”

2:08 Jake: “Alright. Give me your name.”

2:10 Frank: “I told you already.”

2:11 Jake: “Go ahead.”

2:12 Frank: “My name is Frank. Frank [Inaudible 02:13]

2:14 Jake: ‘Alright, Frank.”

2:15 Frank: “Frank [Inaudible 02:17]

2:18 Jake: “Frank Mcanna.”

2:19 Frank: “[Inaudible 02:19] I’m the fullback.”

2:20 Jake: Frank [Inaudible 02:20], the fullback.”

2:21 Frank: “That’s right.”

2:22 Jake: “Alright. That’s how we should remember you or…?

2:24 Frank: “Frank [Inaudible 02:24] the full back. Let me tell you. Around my neighborhood, everybody knows me.”

2:29 Jake: “Okay.”

2:30 Frank: “Everyone knows. I’m Frank [Inaudible 02:31]. They call me Big Hock.”

2:32 Jake: “Okay. Frank [Inaudible 02:33] fullback. They call him Big Cock. Okay, go ahead.”

2:37 Frank: “They call me Big Hock.”

2:38 Jake: “Alright, Big Hock.”

2:39 Frank: “I never said Big Cock.”

2:40 Jake: “Okay. Now…”

2:41 Frank: “What you playin’ a game with me?”

2:42 Jake: “Now what do you weigh? Where do you go?”

2:44 Frank: “I weigh 245. I got hamstrings like animals.”

2:46 Jake: “Okay. And…”

2:47 Frank: “Animals… [Inaudible 02:48] I walk through walls, I’m telling you. You give me the shot, I’m going to walk through the walls for you.”

2:53 Jake: “Okay.”

2:54 Frank: “245 pounds. I’m bowling over.”

2:56 Jake: “Alright. Give me the rest of your number.”

2:58 Frank: “What number?”

2:59 Jake: “Where we can reach you.”

3:00 Frank: “718. I’m not there now but I’ll give you the number. 2…

3:03 Jake: ‘Right.”

3:04 Frank: “4…”

3:05 Jake: “Okay.”

3:08 Frank: “You call me up there, man. I’m telling you.”

3:09 Jake: “Alright.”

3:10 Frank: “You’re going to make money with me. 20% in the bank”

3:11    Jake: “Okay. Frank [Inaudible 03:11]”

3:12 Frank: “Exactly!”

3: 13 Jake: “What are you, an old Irishman?’

3:15 Frank: ““I am Irish, Irish and Scottish.”

3:17 Jake: “Attaboy!”

3:18 Frank: “That’s right. I drink ‘em down. I knock them down after the games like crazy, man. We’re gonna go nuts.”

3:22 Jake: “Oh, we know those Irish guys are tough, right?:”

3:25 Frank: “Irish guys… We’re all tough baby. We’re all tough. I put my head through walls.”

3:29 Jake: “Well, that’s the kind of guy we need to play in the big league.”

3:31 Frank: “That’s what I need. I need to play. I need to play”

3:33 Jake: “Alright. We’ll get back to you, Frank.”

3:34 Frank: “Thanks a lot, Jake.”

3:35 Jake: “Okay.”

3:36 Frank: “Bye bye!”