Synchronized Swimming

The Jerky Boys, Stop Staring at Me!

Title: Synchronized Swimming




0:00:   Phone rings.

0:02 Voice 1: “Good morning. [Inaudible 00:03]

0:04 Voice 2: “Mina, hi, how you doin’? Hello.”

0:07 Voice 1: “Hello. Can I help you?”

0:08 Voice 2: “Yeah, I want to be a swimmer, a synchronized swimmer.”

0:15 Voice 1: “Okay.”

0:16 Voice 2: “I could…”

0:16 Voice 1: “Where do you live?”

0:17 Voice 2: “I live up in the Bronx. I could do that.”

0:20 Voice 1: “Let me see if there’s any clubs in your area. Hold on just a second.”

0:27 Voice 2: “Hi. Ow… Mina, what you doin’? Ma’am?”

0:38 Voice 1: “Yes.”

0:39 Voice 2: “What you doin’?”

0:40 Voice 1: “I’m looking to see if there is any clubs in your area.”

0:44 Voice 2: “Oh, thank you for doing that.”

0:46 Voice 1: “Okay.”

0:47 Voice 2: “I could swim. I’m a big time swimmer.”

0:48 Voice 1: “Okay. Hold on a second. Let me look.”

0:54 Voice 2: “Aiyee… baby stop! Mina, what you doing?”

1:10 Voice 1: “Make sure I get the [Inaudible 01:11] right.

1:12     Voice 2: “Mina, stop it, stop it. [Inaudible 01:16] Hello?”

1:17 Voice 1: “Yes.”

1:18 Voice 2: “Yeah. Hi, ma’am, what are you doing? I want to be a swimmer.”

1:21 Voice 1: “I just… This is the third time I told you. I’m looking to see who the admin chairperson is in your area, okay. And you could call her to see if there are any clubs. The closest one I have is Staten Island.”

1:33 Voice 2: “Did you ever do that… That synchronized swimming?”

1:35 Voice 1: “No.

1:36 Voice 2: “I could do that with my legs in the air too.”

1:38 Voice 1: “Now that’s wonderful.”

1:40 Voice 2: “I could spin around and all that you know.”

1:42 Voice 1: “Hmm.”

1:43 Voice 2: “I slapped him myself in the pool too, you know.”

1:46 Voice 1 hangs up the phone.

1:48 Voice 2: [Laughs]