Sol’s Thermometer Mishap

The Jerky Boys, Album 4

Title: Sol’s Thermometer Mishap

Characters: Sol Rosenberg

Summary: Sol calls to buy a new thermometer after he… “looses track” of his old one.


0:01 Phone Rings

0:03 Caller: “Good afternoon *blank* speaking.”

0:05 Sol: “Hi… Do you have thermometer’s there?”

0:07 Caller: “Yeah, we certainly do.”

0:09 Sol: “Yes, I need some. Do you have large ones?”

0:13 Caller: “Whatever you need, we have.”

0:14 Sol: “Some that don’t break so easy?”

0:16 Caller: “Of course.”

0:17 Sol: “I broke one.”

0:18 Caller: “You broke one?”

0:19 Sol: “Yes.”

0:20 Caller: “Ohh, you gotta be careful. Ok?”

0:21 Sol: “It hurt me too”

0:22 Caller: “Did it hurt you?”

0:23 Sol: “Yes.”

0:24 Caller: “Oh wow. You have to be careful.”

0:26 Sol: “What happened was I forgot and I sat down, and-and-and something, I heard something snap. You know?”

0:31 Caller: “Uh-huh”

0:32 Sol: “Oh god.”

0:33 Caller: “Did the mercury come out?”

0:35 Sol: “Yes, it sounded like a pencil.*tk*”

0:37 Caller: “Ohh woow”

0:38 Sol: “It went like that, it went like *tk* Like that.”

0:40 Caller: “Wow.”

0:41 Sol: “Yes and it hurt me.”

0:42 Caller: “Oh I’m very sorry that happened.”

0:44 Sol: “Yes. But I’m ok.”

0:45 Caller: “You alright?

0:46 Sol: “Are you ok?”

0:47 Caller: “I am just fabulous.”

0:48 Sol: “Hello? Hello?!”

0:50 Caller: “Hello again.”

0:51 Sol: “Hi, hi ma’am”

0:52 Caller: “Hi, do you want to buy a thermometer?”

0:54 Sol: “Uhh yes I will. Hello? Hello? Ma’am?”

0:57 Caller: “Hello.”

0:58 Sol: “Let me ask you something.”

0:59 Caller: “Sure.”

1:00 Sol: “Yes, oh thank you!”

1:01 Caller: “Ok.”

1:02 Sol: “Thank you, thank you so much.”

1:03 Caller: “Alrighty you welcome.”

1:04 Sol: “Bye.”