Nuts to You

The Jerky Boys, Stop Staring at Me!

Title: Nuts to You





0:03 Phone rings…
0:04 Voice 1 picks up and says: “[Inaudible 00:05] help you?”

0:06 Voice 2: “Hello.”

0:07 Voice 1: “Hello.”

0:08 Voice 2: “Hello! Hi, how are you doin’ there honey?

0:09 Voice 1:  “Fine. How are you?”

0:10 Voice 2: “What kind of nuts you got there?

0:12 Voice 1: “All different ones.”

0:13 Voice 2: “Dry fruits too, I suppose?

0:15 Voice 1: “Excuse me?”

0:16 Voice 2:  “You’re got dry fruits too?

0:17 Voice 1: “Yeah.”

0:18 Voice 2: “Alright, what kinds of nuts you got though? I gotta have assorted in a wide array. I’m having a party.”

0:22 Voice 1: “We have all different kinds.”

0:24 Voice 2: “Yeah? You have bisinji? Like bisinji nuts?”

0:27 Voice 1: “What’s a bisinji nut?”
0:28 Voice 2: “What other types you got? Let me know.”

0:32 Voice 1: “We have…What’s a bisinji nut? I’m asking you.”

0:34 Voice 2: “They are like these tiny little dried up like sack nuts. What do they look like? You know, you got [Inaudible 00:38].

0:39 Voice 1: “Is it the Brazil’s?”

0:40 Voice 2: “Yeah, like that’s right. Like…”

0:42 Voice 1: “Yeah, I have Brazil’s. I have all kinds of nuts.”

0:43 Voice 2: “Now, they are still in their tight little sack they come in or no? No, I was thinkin’ about you know how they make them nice, the two nuts and a sack there. The bigger one is from Brazil.”

0:56 Voice 1: “I don’t know. You’ll have to come in and see.”

0:58 Voice 2: “What else you got there? You got any… There’s a wonderful nut that I tasted. I think it’s from down south. It’s like a…They call ‘em Bryan nuts. You don’t have any of those in?”

1:07 Voice 1: “What are Bryan nuts?”

1:08 Voice 2: “They are a special breed in nuts, you know. Do you sell beer there?”

1:12 Voice 1: “No.”

1:13 Voice 2: “You don’t sell beer, alright. You won’t…”

1:14 Voice 1: “Why would we stock beer?”

1:15 Voice 2: “Pardon me?”

1:16 Voice 1: “Why would we have a liquor license?”

1:18 Voice 2: “I thought you know, with the beer and the nuts, they go together, you know?”

1:21 Voice 1: “No, I doubt that.”

1:22 Voice 2: “How about this. I come in and can I bring a six pack in and try it with different types of nuts you got?”

1:27 Voice 1: “Yeah, go ahead.”

1:28     Voice 2: “Me and you will eat some nuts and we’ll drink the beer.”

1:30    Voice 1: “No thanks! I’m not a alcoholic.”

1:31 Voice 2: “Well, how do you like… what do you think about the idea though? We have a couple of beers, me and you?”

1: 35 Voice 1: “No. I’m not an alcoholic”

1:37 Voice 2: “We’ll eat a few nuts, the two of us, you know?”

1:40 Voice 1: “No, I doubt it. You have your own nuts.”

1:41 Voice 2: “Oh, thank you, honey!

1:42 Voice 1: “You’re welcome, dearie!”

1:44 Voice 2: “Bye Bye”

1:45 Voice 1: “Bye!”