Lawn Equipment Debate – Sol Rosenberg

The Jerky Boys, album 3

Title: Lawn Equipment Debate

Characters: Sol Rosenberg



0:01 Phone rings…

0:03 Voice 1: “Hello.”

0:04 Voice 2: “Hello?”

0:05 Voice 1: “Help.”

0:06 Voice 2: “I’m calling about the ad you got on the paper about garden lawn equipment.”

0:12 Voice 1: “Yes.”

0:14 Voice 2: “What kind you got and where are – where are and when can they be seen?”

0:19 Voice 1: “We have lawn chairs.”

0:21 Voice 2: “That’s all?”

0:22 Voice 1: “No. I have other lawn chairs.”

0:27 Voice 2: “Well, it says you got a log splitter or a lawnmower and chainsaw.”

0:32 Voice 1: “Oh, my God. Yes, I do.”

0:35 Voice 2: “Yeah?”

0:36 Voice 1: “Yes.”

0:37 Voice 2: “Where could they be seen?”

0:39 Voice 1: “Oh, in any store pretty much. Lots of stores sell those types of articles.”
0:44 Voice 2: “I understand that. But you’re selling ’em.”

0:47 Voice 1: “Yes, that’s right. That’s correct.”

0:49 Voice 2: “Yeah.”

0:50 Voice 2: “Yes. But you asked me where could you see things like this.”

0:53 Voice 1: “No. I said where can I see your stuff.”

0:55 Voice 2: “Oh, pardon me. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt you.”

0:59 Voice 1: “Yeah.”

1:00 Voice 2: “Yes. Hello.”

1:03 Voice 1: “Yeah.”

1:04 Voice 2: “Yes.”

1:04 Voice 1: “Where can I see ’em?”

1:06 Voice 2: “Sir, that’s what I said. You could probably see them pretty much anywhere. Do you see what I am sayin’?”

1:13 Voice 1: “No. You are selling ’em. I want to see what you have that you are selling.”

1:16 Voice 2: “Oh. That’s OK. Well, then, that puts a whole different bang job on things.”

1:20 Voice 1: “Yeah.”

1:21 Voice 2: “I didn’t know what you were getting at. You didn’t have to be…”

1:23 Voice 1: “Well, why did you put the ad in the paper if you don’t know what I’m getting at?”

1:26 Voice 2: “Well, you didn’t have to be so hurtful with me. So angry.”

1:29 Voice 1: “Just tryin’ to get to find out where I can see this.”

1:32 Voice 2: “Your neighbor or your friends or maybe relatives would have these things for you to see them. You see? Do you see what I mean?”

1:41 Voice 1: “Yeah. I see what you mean. But I am tryin’ to see what you have that you’re tryin’ to sell.”

1:44 Voice 2: “OK. Well, I have lawnmowers and I have weed whacker. It’s called a whacker for weeds.”

1:52 Voice 1: “Yeah.”

1:52 Voice 2: “And it looks like a James Bond tool or something. And you swing it all around dandy crazy and you go wringing with the saw goes off and like that.”

2:01 Voice 1: “Yeah.”

2:02 Voice 2: “Yes.”

2:03 Voice 2: “Where do you have this upstate?”

2:04 Voice 1: “I have them in my attic.”

2:06 Voice 2: “Where is that?”

2:07 Voice 1: “In the top of my house by the roof.”

2:13 Voice 2: “Uh-huh.”

2:14 Voice 1: “Yes.”

2:15 Voice 2: “OK. Thank you.”

2:16 Voice 1: “Bye.”

Sol Rosenberg’s Lawn Equipment Debate

In “Lawn Equipment Debate,” part of The Jerky Boys’ third album, the skit unfolds with Sol Rosenberg fielding a call about an ad for garden lawn equipment. The conversation swiftly veers off-course as the caller seeks specifics about the advertised items. However, Sol’s responses become increasingly confusing, leading to a comedic miscommunication.

The caller inquires about lawnmowers, chainsaws, and log splitters, but Sol inadvertently mentions having lawn chairs and refers the caller to stores instead of clarifying the items for sale. Misunderstandings escalate as Sol, oblivious to the caller’s intention to inspect and purchase, confuses the location of the equipment, mentioning an attic and comparing a weed whacker to a James Bond gadget.

The conversation becomes a comedic tangle of misinterpreted inquiries and confused explanations. Sol’s inability to comprehend the caller’s interest in purchasing his lawn equipment leads to a hilarious back-and-forth, culminating in a polite but ultimately unproductive conclusion.

The skit highlights the absurdity of miscommunication, showcasing Sol’s unintentional confusion and the caller’s frustration, resulting in a humorous yet futile exchange regarding the advertised lawn equipment.