Jerk Baby Jerk – The Jerky Boys

The Jerky Boys, Album 4

Title: Jerky Baby Jerk

Characters: The Jerky Boys




0:01 [Jerky Boys song playing]

0:15 Voice 1: I’m calling about the Saturday night fever.

0:18 Voice 2: You’re going to dance [Inaudible 00:00:18] like crazy.

0:21 Voice 1: Great. Great.

0:24 Voice 2: Are you psyched?

0:25 Voice 1: Yeah.

0:26 Voice 2: Is that great or what?

0:27 Voice 1: That’s fantastic.

0:28 Voice 2: Watch me go. Watch this.

0:30 [Jerky Boys song playing]

0:44 Voice 3: “What’s up with that delivery boy?”

0:45 Voice 4: “Delivery boy?”

0:46 Voice 3: “Yes. The delivery boy. He was up here five minutes ago. I had to punch him in his mouth. He’s got a silly Santa suit on. He is running through my hallway doing pirouettes. He’s got this silly Santa hat on and he is jumpin’ all around the hallway bangin’ on everybody’s door. What is he, drunk or something?”

0:57 [Jerky Boys song playing]

1:12 Voice 5: “Now what are the similarities between an elephant and a tiger?”

1:15 Voice 6:”They both live in the jungle.”

1:16 Voice 5: “Wrong. Because, sir, they are both marsupials, members of the marsupial family. Do you understand me?”

1:20 Voice 6: “Yes, I understand.”

1:21 Voice 5: “And if you can’t whip out answers like that, than man is liable to go in a commercial break, punch your fuckin’ mouth loose.”

1:26 [Jerky Boys song playing]

1:42 Voice 7: “Hello? Hello? Hello?”

1:47 Voice 8: “Yes. Hi.”

1:49 Voice 7: “Hello?”

1:50 Voice 8: “Yes. Hi.”

1:53 Voice 7: “Hey, what’s up there, jerky?”

1:56 [Music playing]

1:57 Voice 9: “Bamm! Cradle Rock style.”

2:00 Voice 10: “I can’t understand you.”

2:02 Voice 9: “Bamm! Wazzup? I’m a crazy silly fresh DJ.”

2:07 Voice 10: “I’m not sure what the purpose of this call is.”

2:10 Voice 11: “So another thing, too. I take a sketch pad and I make caricatures of people.”

2:15 Voice 12: “Oh, you do.”

2:16 Voice 11: “Yeah. But I draw them nothing like what they look like.”

2:19 Voice 12: “Uh-huh.”

2:21 Man laughs.

2:23 Voice 13: “Let me speak to Hammie.”

2:24 Voice 14: “Yeah. Hammie.”

2:25 Voice 13: “Hammie?”

2:26 Voice 14: “Yeah.”

2:27 Voice 13: “What are you doing? Let me ask you something. Do you and Scott…?”

2:30 Voice 14: “No. No. No. I’m not…”

2:31 Voice 13: “Did he ever try to…”

2:33 Voice 14: “No. No. He is my best man. I don’t do that to him. Who is this?”

2:37 [Jerky Boys song playing]

2:55 Voice 9: “Cradle Rock style.”

2:57 Voice 10: “I can’t understand you.”

2:58 [Jerky Boys song playing]

3:03 Voice 9: “Bamm!”

3:04 Voice 10: “I’m not sure what the purpose of this call is. I see. I have to go. Bye.”

3:09 Voice 10: “All right. I’ll see you later, girly girl.”

3:11 Voice 15: “Yeah. I seem to have been disconnected.”

3:14 Voice 16: “Bye, you crazy bastard. Oh, bye. That’s all. No more. Thank you.”