The Flower Lady, #1

The Jerky Tapes (Album 6)

Title: The Flower Lady #1





0:01 Voice 1: “Hello. Hello.”

0:03 Deborah: “Hello. I called…”

0:04 Voice 1: “Miss, can you hang on. Hang on.”

0:06 Deborah: “Yes, I can hang on. I don’t have the [Inaudible 00:08].”

0:09 Background noise

0:21 Voice not clear

0:22 Deborah: “Hello.”

0:23 Voice not clear

0:25 Voice 1: “Hello.”

0:26 Deborah: “Hello.”

0:27 Voice 1: “Please hold.”

0:31 Background noise

0:41 Voice not clear

0:44 Voice 1: “Hello.”

0:45 Deborah: “Yes, hello. I want…”

0:46 Voice 1: “They’re doing some work on my apartment. Can… just one second more.”

0:49 Deborah: “Is this Harry?”

0:50 Voice 1: “I’m sorry. Just one…”

0:51 Deborah: “Hello. Is this Harry?”

0:52 Voice 1: “One second… one second.”

0:56 Background noise

1:07 Voice 1: “Hello.”

1:07 Deborah: “Hello.”

1:09 Voice 1: “Hello.”

1:10 Deborah: “I don’t understand. I was calling for Harry Getzov.”

1:12 Voice 1: “Yes, he’s here. Hold one second please.”

1:17 Background noise

1:21 Phone rings..

1:23 Deborah: “I’m trying to… I don’t… he asked me to send the contract and I don’t know. Hello.”

1:26 Phone rings..

1:28 Deborah: “Hello.”

1:28 Scott: “Hello.”

1:29 Deborah: “Hello.”

1:30 Scott: “Hello.”

1:33 Background noise

1:35 Scott: “Hello. Crazy world!”

1:38 Deborah: “Hello.”

1:41 Voice 1: “Hello.”

1:41 Deborah: “Yeah. I’m call…”

1:43 Scott: “Hello.”

1:44 Deborah: “Who is this please?”

1:45 Background noise

1:49 Voice 1: “Hello.”

1:51 Deborah: “Yeah, I’m calling from [Inaudible 01:52] Floral Design. I was calling for… hello?”

1:54 Voice 3: “Who is this?’

1:51 Voice 1: “Yes, go ahead.”

1:59 Deborah: “Who am I speaking with please? I don’t… I don’t need to be rude, but I called before. It’s busy. I am calling for Harry Getzov.”

2:05 Voice 4: “Who do you think you are speaking like that?”

2:07 Deborah: “I’m not… I [Inaudible 02:10]… I’m calling for Harry Getzov. I was calling to fax him over a contract.”  

2:17 Voice 1: “Well, his… his… his son Scott is on the line.”

2:22 Deborah: “Whose son?”

2:23 Voice 1: “Scott will help you.”

2:25 Deborah: “I don’t think you understand. I am calling to fax him over, but I don’t understand [Inaudible 02:29].”

2:29 Scott: “What’s the fax about?”

2:30 Deborah: “Do I have the right number?”

2:33 Voice 1: “Scott.”

2:34 Deborah: “Who’s…?”

2:35 Scott: “Well, how can I help you?”

2:37 Deborah: “I’m… I was… I’m calling, but they… I’m calling because he asked me to call him back about the flowers and so I’m doing that and I would just like to speak to Harry.”

2:48 Voice 1: “Hello.”

2:49 Voice 4: “Yeah. What do you mean by that?”

2:52 Deborah: “By what?”

2:52 Voice 4: “Harry’s been dead for weeks. You insensitive person!”

2:56 Deborah: “Uh, thank you. Hello.”

2:59 Voice 1: “Scott, his son, will help you.”

3:01 Deborah: “Oh, hello.”

3.03 Scott: “Hello.”

3:04 Deborah: “I didn’t realize he was… shit.. hi, I… who is this?”

3:10 Scott: “This is Scott.”

3:12 Deborah: “I’m calling from [Inaudible 03:13] Floral Design. I was told to call Harry Getzov.”

3:17 Scott: “Okay. Well… well, he can’t help you right now. He can’t help you.”

3:21 Deborah: “Who…”

3:21 Scott: “You have to speak to this other guy. There’s other people that take care of that now. Harry’s not around.”

3:27 Voice 3: “Yes, hello.”

3:30 The mortician: “Hello.”

3:31 Deborah: “Hello.”

3:32 The mortician: “Eh… well, didn’t… did you not hear about Harry?”

3:36 Deborah: “No, I didn’t.”

3:37 The mortician: “Oh my! It was horrible. He was… he was flying a kite and lightening hit the kite and… oh my goodness!”

3:46 Deborah: “That’s terrible. How is his fiancée? Is she there? Can I speak to the fiancée?”

3:50 The mortician: “Who… who do you…? It was terrible…”

3:52 Deborah: “[Inaudible 03:52]… who am I speaking…”

3:52 The mortician: “But Scott, his son, will speak to you.”

3:54 Deborah: “Hello. Who am I speaking to please?”

3:57 The mortician: “Scott, his son, will handle you.”

3:58 Deborah: “Oh, [Inaudible 03:59].”

4:00 Scott: “You’re from Floral Design?”

4:02 Deborah: “[Inaudible 04:02]… hello.”

4:03 Scott: “That what you said, Floral Design?”

4:03 Deborah: “Hello. Yeah, this Deborah [Inaudible 04.05]stein. I was calling [Inaudible 04:06] to speak to Harry. I… and is his fiancée there please?”

4:10 Scott: “No, she’s… she’s not here right now. She’s not able to speak.”

4:13 Deborah: “Oh! Then… can I leave a message then?”

4:16 The mortician: “Hello.”

4:16 Deborah: “How terrible! I didn’t…”

4:18 The mortician: “Hello.”

4:19 Deborah: “Yeah.”

4:19 Scott: “Hey, take this message.”

4:21 Deborah: “Should I give my number for…”

4:22 The mortician: “He’s flying a kite and the lightening hit the kite… I’m… uh… de… I had to [Inaudible 04:27] him out…”

4:22 Deborah: “[Inaudible 04:22].”

4:28 The mortician: “…and everything to look good in front of people.”

4:30 Deborah: “There was so much rain. Was it from that? That’s so horrible.”

4:33 The mortician: “Yes, he got one nice… he… for some reason, it possessed him to go out to fly kite and… and it… it electrified his chest, everything. It… I don’t understand why anyone would do that in the rain.”

4:46 Deborah: “[Inaudible 04:46] fiancée. I had talked to her before. Is it o… can I call her? Is it…”

4:50 The mortician: “But you… you can speak to his son Scott.”

4:53 Deborah: “Alright. I’ll speak to Scott.”

4:55 Scott: “Hi.”

4:56 Deborah: “Hi, is this Scott?”

4:57 Scott: “This is Scott. Hi, who is it please?”

4:58 Deborah: “Scott, it’s… this is Deb… I… I shouldn’t… I don’t know what to say? I… I… I guess I’ll call back. I’ll call for a…”

5:07 The mortician: “Hello.”

5:08 Deborah: “Yeah.”

5:09 The mortician: “Do you want… do you want to speak to his fiancée?”

5:11 Deborah: “Yeah. I… I… yeah, I would like to.”

5:13 The mortician: “But then you have to speak to his son Scott.”

5:17 Deborah: “I don’t understand. Maybe his nephew is over there and that’s because they’re putting me on [Inaudible 05:22]…”

5:26 The mortician: “Hello.”

5:27 Deborah: “Yeah.”

5:28 The mortician: “Hello.”

5:28 Deborah: “Okay, sir. I’m going to…”

5:30 The mortician: “Do you want to speak to his fiancée?”

5:31 Deborah: “Yeah. I don’t…”

5:32 The mortician: “But then you must speak to his son Scott.”

5:36 The mortician: “Hello.”

5:38 Deborah: “Hello.”

5:39 The mortician: “Mr. Scott.”

5:40 Deborah: “I don’t understand why…”

5:43 The mortician: “Miss… did you speak to Mr. Scott?”

5:45 Deborah: “I don’t know. I don’t… I don’t understand who Scott is. I know…”

5:48 The mortician: “Scott.”

5:50 Scott: “Yes.”

5:51 The mortician: “I… I believe this lady must speak to you to… to speak to…”

5:55 Deborah: “I don’t mean to be rude, but I was calling and I don’t understand quite frankly what’s going on. I… I just wanted to speak to…”

6:02 The mortician: “Mr. Scott will explain.”

6:05 Scott: “What’s the matter? Can I help you?”

6:08 The mortician: “[Inaudible 06:08].”

6:09 Deborah: “I’m going to call back, but you can call me. It’s Deborah [Inaudible 06:11]stein.”

6:12 The mortician: “Miss?”

6:12 Deborah: “Yeah.”

6:13 The mortician: “He was flying a kite.”

6:14 Deborah: “No, I heard you. I think it’s horrible that…”

6:16 The mortician: “The lightening did this. Took him in his ass and chest and he… I had to spend one day to fix him for the family.”

6:23 Deborah: “Who is this?”

6:24 The mortician: “I am the mortician.”

6:26 Deborah: “At his house?”

6:27 The mortician: “You see, he having it in his house.”

6:29 Deborah: “Okay. You know what? I’m going to call back and speak to the fiancée.”

6:32 The mortician: “But if you want to speak to fiancée, you must speak to his son Scott.”

6:35 Deborah: “I spoke to Scott. I don’t understand why…”

6:39 The mortician: “You… we need flowers.”

6:42 Scott: “Can I help you with something?”

6:42 Deborah: “I don’t under… yeah, hello.”

6:44 The mortician: “No, no miss, this… miss, I don’t know who de people on the phone… eh, we need flowers.”

6:51 Deborah: “Why, yeah I could do the funeral. I mean…”

6:54 The mortician: “But you… you… you must speak to his son Scott.”

6:58 Deborah: “Okay, I’ll do that, yeah.”

6:59 The mortician: “So, we want to dress him in flowers because we have… because of the kite, we think a Ben Franklin kind of thing would look good.  You know, maybe if you could put flowers like a Ben Franklin wreath…”

7:10 Deborah: “[Inaudible 07:10]. You know what [Inaudible 07:11]… look, I will call back. I’ll speak to the fiancée…”

7:14 The mortician: “Oh, no. if you want to speak to fiancée, you must speak to his son Scott.”

7:18 Deborah: “But you know what? Let me… I’ll call you back. I’ll do this funeral. It’s fine. I’ll… I’ll call you back.”

7:23 The mortician: “No, but miss…”

7:24 Deborah: “Yes.”

7:25 The mortician: “His fiancée is here.”

7:27 Deborah: “You know I want to speak to the fiancée. I think…”

7:29 The mortician: “Okay, you want to speak to the fiancée?”

7:31 Deborah: “Yeah, I have… yeah.”

7:32 The mortician: “But in order to do that, you speak to his son Scott.”

7:35 Deborah: “Okay.”

7:37 The mortician: “Mr. Scott!”

7:38 Scott: “Yeah, I think the fiancée, she already arranged for flowers.”

7:38 Deborah: Okay, I… I’m going to call back.” I… I will call you back. I… I’m… I’m hanging up.”

7:44 Scott: “I’m not sure.” I think she may already…”

7:46 Background noise

7:55 Voice in the background: “[Inaudible 07:55]. No, don’t say it.”

7:58 Voices in the background

8:01 Phone rings..