Rosine Like Balloons

0:01 Phone rings

0:02 Speaker1:  “Hello?”

0:02 Speaker2:  “Hello?”

0:03 Speaker1:  “Yes. Do you guys—do you have balloons?”

0:05 Speaker2:  “Yeah.”

0:06 Speaker1:  “You don’t have balloons?”

0:07 Speaker2:  “Oh, what?”

0:08 Speaker1:  “You guys don’t make balloons.”

0:10 Speaker2:  “Yeah.”

0:11 Speaker1:  “So, can I order balloons from you?”

0:12 Speaker2:  “No, you have to come in.”

0:14 Speaker1:  “Do you have any lobsters?”

0:15 Speaker2:  “Hold on one second.”

0:19 Speaker3:  “Hello?”

0:21 Speaker1:  “Hello.”

0:21 Speaker3:  “Yes. Can I help you?”

0:22 Speaker1:  “Yes, I’m looking for balloons.”

0:24 Speaker3:  “Okay. What kind?”

0:25 Speaker1:  “I like the balloons, the blue, big brown balloons.”

0:28 Speaker2:  “Sure.”

0:29 Speaker1:  “I like to blow them up and then let the air out.”

0:32 Speaker2:  “Well, come on in. You can do that.”

0:33 Speaker1:  “How many could I touch and lick?”

0:35 Speaker2:  “As many as you want. You can touch and lick them all.”

0:38 Speaker1:  “I like those balloons. Those balloons are nice too.”

0:41 Speaker2:  “Whatever you want to do, man.”

0:43 Speaker1:  “I like to do that shit, we drink that shit.”

0:45 Speaker2:  “Oh, whatever you want to do, bro.”

0:46 Speaker1:  “I like to eat lobster too.”

0:48 Speaker2:  “Okay, you can eat lobster.”

0:49 Speaker1:  “I used to eat the—I used to order lobsters and shit.”

0:51 Speaker2:  “Yeah.”

0:52 Speaker1:  “And I wouldn’t eat that shit. I’d lick that shit.”

0:54 Speaker2:  “You’d lick it, huh?”

0:55 Speaker1:  “And then I’d slap that shit right off my table. That shit was good.”

1:00 Speaker2:  “Yeah.”

1:01 Speaker1:  “I slapped that shit.”

1:02 Speaker2:  “Alright, man, I’ll see you later.”

1:03 Speaker1:  “Right.” *laughing*