Bamm! – Curly G.

The Jerky Boys, album 3

Title: Bamm!

Characters: Curly G.



0:01 Phone rings…

0:04 Voice 1: “Bamm!”

0:05 Voice 2: “Hello?”

0:06 Voice 1: “Yo. Wazzup? I want you to hear my rap album.”

0:09 Voice 2: “Uh-huh.”

0:10 Voice 1: “Yo Wazzup? This is – my name is Curly G Cradle Rock.”

0:14 Voice 2: “Uh-huh.”

0:15 Voice 1: “Yo. I got some good music. I want to come down and yo – bamm! I want you to play that.”

0:20 Voice 2: “Uh-huh.”

0:21 Voice 1: “Yo. I got some crazy good music.”

0:23 Voice 2: “OK.”

0:24 Voice 1: “Well, let me sing a song.”

0:27 Voice 2: “OK.”

0:28 Voice 1: “Yo. Hanging out the street with my hommies. Sippin up some beer and cronies. Yo. Wazzup?”

0:35 Voice 2: “I can’t understand you.”

0:37 Voice 1: “Yo. I’m a crazy fresh – crazy fresh – crazy silly fresh DJ.”

0:43 Voice 2: “Uh-huh.”

0:44 Voice 1: “Bamm! Cradle Rock style.”

0:47 Voice 2: “Yeah.”

0:48 Voice 1: “Yo. Lemme come down there.”

0:49 Voice 2: “That’s fine.”

0:50 Voice 1: “Yo. I’ll come down with my shades, my girly girls, my sweet little cushions wrap. I’ll come down and I’ll swear I’ll bamm! Yo. I could hang.”

1:01 Voice 2: “I’m not sure what the purpose of call is.”

1:03 Voice 1: “Yo. Because this record star I want to sell you my record.”

1:06 Voice 2: “That’s fine.”

1:07 Voice 1: [Making irregular sounds] “Bamm!”

1:11 Voice 2: “OK.”

1:12 Voice 1: “Yo. Why don’t I come down here? I’ll come down there with my crazy fly girlies and my gold. I got crazy silly Gumby gold.”

1:19 Voice 2: “Yeah.”

1:20 Voice 1: “Right.”

1:21 Voice 2: “All right. I have to go.”

1:22 Voice 1: “Bamm!”

1:23 Voice 2: “Bye.”

1:24 Voice 1: “All right. I’ll see you later, girly girl.”

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