Tennis Ball Machine – the woke version

Title: “Inclusive Tennis Ball Machine”

[Setting: A tennis court. Two players, Alex and Sam, are engaged in a match. On the sidelines, there is a tennis ball machine.]

Alex: (hits the ball) Nice shot!

Sam: Thanks, Alex! (prepares for the next serve)

[Alex serves again, but the ball machine starts malfunctioning, shooting balls everywhere.]

Alex: Whoa, what’s going on with the machine?

Sam: I’m not sure, it seems to be malfunctioning.

[They both cautiously approach the machine.]

Alex: Maybe it needs some adjustments.

Sam: Yeah, let’s see if we can fix it.

[Alex and Sam start examining the machine, trying to figure out what’s wrong.]

Alex: Wait, I think I see the issue. The settings are all messed up.

Sam: Oh, you’re right. It’s set to only serve balls at a certain speed and angle.

Alex: That’s not inclusive at all. We need to make sure everyone can play comfortably.

Sam: Absolutely. Let’s adjust it to accommodate players of all levels and abilities.

[Alex and Sam work together to reconfigure the machine, setting it to varying speeds and trajectories to cater to different players.]

Alex: There, that should do it.

Sam: Great job, Alex. Now everyone can enjoy playing without feeling excluded.

[They test the machine, and it works perfectly, serving balls in a diverse range of speeds and angles.]

Alex: Perfect! Now, who’s up for a game?

Sam: I’m in! Let’s play.

[They resume their match, with the inclusive tennis ball machine serving balls perfectly.]

[The scene fades out with Alex and Sam enjoying their game, showcasing the importance of inclusivity in sports.]