Pet Cobra – the woke version

Title: “Compassionate Cobra Guardian”

[Scene: A serene yoga studio, gentle instrumental music plays in the background. Two individuals, one named Alex and the other named Sam, sit cross-legged on yoga mats, deep in meditation.]

Alex: (in a calming tone) Sam, my dear friend, I’ve been meaning to share something profound with you.

Sam: (equally serene) Yes, Alex, speak your truth. I’m here to listen with an open heart.

Alex: Well, you see, I’ve recently become the guardian of a majestic creature – a cobra.

Sam: (eyes widening with curiosity) A cobra? How fascinating! Pray, tell me more about this beautiful being.

Alex: (nodding thoughtfully) Indeed, my friend. This cobra, whom I’ve named Shanti, crossed my path unexpectedly. Instead of fearing it, I chose to embrace its presence and provide it with a sanctuary.

Sam: (with admiration) Your compassion knows no bounds, Alex. But, forgive me for asking, how do you manage to coexist with such a potentially dangerous creature?

Alex: (smiling gently) Ah, a valid concern, dear Sam. I’ve established a bond of trust with Shanti through mutual respect and understanding. We communicate through energy and intention, fostering harmony within our shared space.

Sam: (impressed) It’s truly inspiring to witness your commitment to cohabiting peacefully with all beings, regardless of their form. How do others react to your unconventional companionship?

Alex: (reflective) Some may perceive it as unconventional, indeed. However, I believe it serves as a reminder of our interconnectedness with all living beings. I strive to educate and advocate for the protection of creatures like Shanti, promoting empathy and coexistence.

Sam: (nodding in agreement) Your dedication to compassion and advocacy is commendable, Alex. May we all learn from your example and extend our compassion to every sentient being we encounter.

[They share a moment of silence, basking in the shared energy of understanding and acceptance.]

[End Scene]