Paradise – the woke version

Title: “Inclusive Paradise”

[Scene: A serene garden setting. Two individuals, Alex and Pat, sit on a bench, admiring the surroundings.]

Alex: Hey, Pat, isn’t this place just absolutely divine?

Pat: It sure is, Alex. The tranquility here is truly remarkable.

Alex: You know what? I can’t help but feel like this place could be even more welcoming to everyone.

Pat: What do you mean?

Alex: Well, for starters, the term “paradise” has some exclusionary connotations. I think we should call it something more inclusive, like “Harmony Haven” or “Unity Utopia.”

Pat: Ah, I see where you’re coming from. We should strive for language that doesn’t unintentionally marginalize anyone.

Alex: Exactly! And speaking of inclusivity, I think we should ensure that all beings feel welcome here. That means accommodating various dietary preferences, providing accessibility features for differently-abled individuals, and respecting all cultural practices.

Pat: That’s a fantastic idea, Alex. We should aim to create a space where everyone feels valued and respected.

Alex: And let’s not forget about our environmental impact. We need to prioritize sustainability and conservation efforts to preserve this beautiful ecosystem for generations to come.

Pat: Absolutely. We have a responsibility to be stewards of the environment and protect the natural beauty of this place.

Alex: I’m glad we’re on the same page, Pat. Together, we can make Harmony Haven a truly inclusive and sustainable paradise for all.

[They smile and continue to enjoy the serene atmosphere, committed to their vision of a more inclusive world.]