Pablo Honey – the woke version

Title: “Pablo Love”

[The scene opens with a phone ringing in a bustling urban environment. A calm, collected voice answers.]

Pablo: Hello, this is Pablo speaking, how may I assist you today?

Caller: Um, hey Pablo, I’m just, like, wondering about your organization. Do you guys, like, promote diversity and inclusivity?

Pablo: Absolutely, my friend. We strive to create a space that celebrates diversity and welcomes everyone, regardless of background or identity.

Caller: Oh, that’s cool. So, um, do you have any job openings? I’m really passionate about social justice and equality.

Pablo: We’re always looking for dedicated individuals who share our values. Can you tell me more about your experience and what drives your passion for social justice?

Caller: Yeah, totally! I’ve been involved in community organizing for years, focusing on marginalized groups and advocating for their rights. I believe in creating a more equitable society for all.

Pablo: That’s commendable. We could definitely use someone with your expertise and commitment. Let’s schedule a time to discuss potential opportunities within our organization.

Caller: Awesome, thank you so much, Pablo! I’m really excited about the possibility of working with you.

Pablo: It’s my pleasure. Remember, together, we can make a difference and build a better world for everyone.

[The scene fades out with a sense of hope and optimism for positive change.]