A Little Information – Jack Tors

The Jerky Boys, album 4

Title: A Little Information

Characters: Jack Tors

Summary: Jack Tors gives a little information about retro casting.


0:01 Phone rings

0:09 Jack Tors: “Hello?

0:10 Caller: “Yeah hi ummm. Did you put an ad in the New York Press?”

0:12 Jack Tors: “Yes.”

0:14 Caller: “Ah for retro casting?”

0:16 Jack Tors: “Yes, a new game show.”

0:18 Caller: “Right, great.”

0:19 Jack Tors: “Yeah.”

0:20 Caller: “Umm can I have some information about it or how does it work?”

0:23 Jack Tors: “What do you need to know?”

0:24 Caller: “Umm well it says call ahh- between 12 and 8, so.”

0:31 Jack Tors: “Yeah, well what time is it now?”

0:34 Caller: “Now it’s ahh 4. It’s about 4 something.”

0:38 Jack Tors: “So that would put you somewhere right in the middle, wouldn’t it?”

0:41 Caller: *laughing* “Right.”

0:42 Jack Tors: “That’s something else isn’t it?”

0:43 Caller: “Yeah.”

0:44 Jack Tors: “You want a little bit of information?”

0:46 Caller: “Sure.”

0:47 Jack Tors: “Go fuck yourself, asshole.”