The Flower Lady #3

The Jerky Tapes (Album 6)

Title: The Flower Lady #3





0:00 Phone rings..
0:04 Recording: “Hi, you’ve reached 789 [Inaudible 00:06].”

0:07 Tarbash: “Hello.”

0:08 Diane: “Yes, this is Diane [Inaudible 00:09]stein calling for Mr. Getzov please.”

0:15 Tarbash: “Hello. Is that better? Hello.”

0:17 Diane: “Yes.”

0:18 Tarbash: “Who is this? Hello.”

0:22 Diane: ‘I’m going to lose my patience. Diane [Inaudible 00:24]stein.”

0:25 Tarbash: “Oh, yes.”

0:26 Diane: “[Inaudible 00:25] Floral Design.”

0:26 Tarbash: “I… I… I spoke to you before.”

0:28 Diane: “Yes, I did. I spoke to you.”

0:30 Tarbash: “Yes. What can I do for you?”

0:32 Diane: “But… where’s Mr. Getzov?”

0:34 Tarbash: “No, he’s not here right now. He’s not…uh… I don’t believe he’s… he’s back yet. I am still finished working.”

0:41 Diane: “[Inaudible 00:41].”

0:43 Tarbash: “I’m still working on this…”

0:44 Diane: “[Inaudible 00:44].”

0:45 Tarbash: “Heh?”

0:46 Diane: “Okay, [Inaudible 00:46]… is Mr. Getzov going to be there at 2 o’clock?”

0:49 Tarbash: “I do not… listen, I am hired to fix something. I don’t know…”

0:54 Diane: “Is this the superintendent of the building?”

0:57 Tarbash: “No, I am 16 years being in this apartment.”

1:01 Diane: “Okay, you know when [Inaudible 01:02]…?”

1:02 Tarbash: “You are yelling at me. I don’t know why you’re yelling at me for?”

1:05 Diane: “…’cos I spoke to you before.”

1:06 Tarbash: “But why are you yelling at me?”

1:07 Diane: “…because I spoke to you before and you were very rude.”

1:09 Tarbash: “When was… I never spoke to you here?”

1:11 Diane: “You and your friend were very rude to me.”

1:14 Tarbash: “I’m never rude to you. I am working.”

1:17 Diane: “Stop yelling. You were very rude.”

1:19 Tarbash: “I was not rude to you.”

1:21 Diane: “Rude!”

1:22 Tarbash: “What do you mean rude?”

1:23 Diane: “Very rude!”

1:24 Tarbash: “I tell rude to nobody.”

1:26 Diane: “Put Jack on the phone.”

1:28 Tarbash: “You want to speak to Jack?”

1:29 Diane: “You Know what? I’m just going to [Inaudible 01:31]…”

1:31 Tarbash crying… “You want to speak to Jack? Hello?”

1:35 Diane: “Do you have that arrangement?”

1:37 Tarbash: “Do you want to speak to Jack?”

1:40 Diane: “Bring [Inaudible 01:40] because I’m just going to mess with you and I’m not going to keep with the phone calls all day.”

1:44 Tarbash: “Do you want to speak to Jack?”

1: 44 Diane: [Inaudible 01:44] with this one… with this one who doesn’t even speak English mind you.”

1:48 Tarbash: “What do you mean I don’t speak English?”

1:49 Diane: “You don’t speak English.”

1:50 Tarbash: “I know English better than you.”

1:52 Diane; “No, you don’t.”

1:53 Tarbash: “Yes, I do.”

1:53 Diane: “No, you don’t.”

1:54 Tarbash: “What does iconoclast mean?”

1:56 Diane: “I don’t know.”

1:57 Tarbash: “Then I know English better than you.”

1:58 Diane: “It’s not a word.”

2:00 Tarbash: “It is too a word.”

2:00 Diane: “You’re just joking. It’s not a word.”

2:02 Tarbash: “It’s iconoclast. It means breaker of idols, icons.”

2:07 Diane: “Excuse me!”

2:08 Tarbash: “That’s what it means.”

2:09 Diane: “This is not the classroom. I don’t care what a word means or what a word does.”

2:13 Tarbash “Arrrggghhh! Ohh! You bringing horrible memories of when I’m in school.”

2:18 Diane: “I am sending off the floral arrangement.”

2:20 Tarbash: “The teacher used to whip me.”

2:22 Diane: “Give me the [Inaudible 02:23] and I’ll switch it over…”

2:23 Tarbash: “Arrrggghhh… ohh!”

2:24 Diane: “…because even if he doesn’t like it, I don’t care. I don’t care! I don’t care if the money is wasted at this point. Give me the address. I’m going to have it messengered.”

2:31 Tarbash: “You want the address?”

2:32 Diane: “Yes, Mr. Getzov’s.”

2:33 Tarbash: “Then you must speak to Mr. Scott.”

2:33 Diane: “No, you did this to me before with Scott.”

2:39 Tarbash: “What did I do? Who do you… who am I?”

2:41 Diane: “[Inaudible 02:41].”

2:42 Tarbash: “This is not my house.”

2:43 Diane: “Give me the number [Inaudible 02:44]…”

2:44 Tarbash: “This is not my house.”  

2:45 Diane: “ [Inaudible 02:45].”

2:47 Tarbash: “You want to speak to the other fellow?”

2:48 Diane: “Put him on now!”

2:49 Tarbash: “Then you must speak to…”

2:49 Diane: “Put him on now!”

2:50 Tarbash: “…Mr. Scott.”

2:51 Diane: “I don’t want to speak to Scott.”

2:52 Background noise

2:54 Tarbash: “He’s…”

2:54 Diane: “What’s that noise?”

2:55 Tarbash: “Now you’re getting everyone angry.”

2:57 Diane: “How many people are over there?”

2:59 Tarbash: “We’re doing lot of work. There’s big wedding taking place. I’m hired to make a…”

3:05 Diane: “The wedding isn’t taking place yet because I’m the one who’s supposed to do the flowers, so [Inaudible 03:09] wedding isn’t taking place.”

3:10 Tarbash: “I’m going to give you the phone to this gentleman.”

3:14 Jack: “Hello.”

3:15 Diane: “Is this Jack?”

3:16 Jack: “Hi. How are you?”

3:17 Diane: “It’s Diane.”

3:18 Jack: “Hi!”

3:19 Diane: “Listen…”

3:19 Jack: “Yes.”

3:19 Diane: “I’m going to have this messengered over to you.”

3:21 Jack: “Okay, great!”

3:22 Diane: “Could you please give it to [Inaudible 03:23].”

3:24 Jack: “Absolutely, yes!”

3:25 Diane: “Give me the address. I’m having it messengered.”

3:27 Jack: “Okay.”

3:27 Diane: “I don’t care anymore [Inaudible 03:28] because it’s been sitting here since Friday.”

3:31 Jack: “Ohh!”

3:31 Diane: “So it’s gone to waste anyways as far as I’m concerned and I have my other people to deal with.”

3:36 Jack: “Okay, so you want the address?”

3:38 Diane: “Can you bring that over please, the floral arrangements?”

3:41 Jack: “Yes. Okay, I’ll give you the address one… hello!”

3:43 Diane: “Yeah and I know it’s that [Inaudible 03:45]… yeah, give me the address.”

3:47 Jack: “Hello. Yes, hold on. I’ll give you the address. One minute.”

3:50 Tarbash: “Hello.”

3:52 Diane: “Yeah, I… are you giving me the address?”

3:54 Tarbash: “This is me again.”

3:55 Diane: “Yes, I know it’s you. It’s me again! I know [Inaudible 03:58]…”

3:58 Tarbash: “Ma’am, this is the man that doesn’t speak English.”

4:00 Diane: “…Jack says…”

4:01 Tarbash: “…that speaking English to you.”

4:02 Diane: “Put Jack back on the phone.”

4:03 Tarbash: “Oh, do you want to speak to Jack?”

4:04 Diane: “Would you have the address? I thought you were the superintendent of the building [Inaudible 04:07]…”

4:07 Tarbash: “You want to speak to Jack?”

4:08 Diane: “…and you don’t know how to speak English, but at least you might [Inaudible 04:10]…”

4:10 Tarbash: “I know how to speak English. Do you… do you know the word iconoclast please?”

4:14 Diane: “If you know how to speak English, then give me the address of the building that you work in.”

4:17 Tarbash: “You want to… you want to know the address?”

4:19 Diane: “Yeah, I want to know the address very clearly [Inaudible 04:21] you understand good, don’t you?”

4:24 Tarbash: “Then you must speak to Mr. Scott.”

4:26 Diane: “No Mr. Scott!”

4:29 Jack: “Hello.”

4:30 Diane: “Yeah. Jack, give me the address please.”

4:31 Jack: “Hi! Okay, yes. Umm, Mr. Tarbash will give you the address. Hold on.”

4:36 Diane: “Who is Tarbash? Who are the people there? I… wait, it’ almost 2 o’clock now, so Mr. Getzov must be there already.”

4:41 Jack: “He’s going… he should be in momentarily.”

4:44 Diane: “Listen to me.”

4:44 Jack: “Yes.”

4:45 Diane: “Get it very, very clear.”

4:46 Jack: “Okay. Mr. Tarbash will…”

4:47 Diane: “I want either the number of the fiancée or the address there because I’m gonna have the centerpiece sent over to you.”

4:53 Jack: “Okay. Well, we’ll give you the address right here. Mr. … Mr. … hello?”

4:57 Voice in the background not clear

5:00 Jack:”Hello.”

5:01 Diane: “Hello.”

5:01 Jack: “Yes, Mr. Tarbash will give you the address. Hold on.”

5:04 Diane: “Jack, you said you had the address.”

5:06 Tarbash: “Hello.”

5:07 Diane: “Are you the superintendent?”

5:10 Tarbash: “No, I’m the person that doesn’t speak English.”

5:12 Diane; “Oh, that’s very funny. Oh, you’re very funny now, aren’t you? You’re cute. You’re cuter than…”

5:16 Tarbash: “You think I’m cute?”

5:17 Diane: “…you were on Friday.”

5:18 Tarbash: “You know I have… I am very cute.”

5:20 Diane: “But you’re cuter today you know that.

5:22 Tarbash: “I am…”

5:23 Diane: “You’re giving me more trouble today than you did on Friday.”

5:25 Tarbash: “…very cute.” You know…”

5:26 Diane: “You’re more trouble today.”

5:27 Tarbash: “You know you ever get that feeling when… when you come out of the bathtub and your skin is nice and open? I feel very open, very much open.”

5:37 Diane: “I’ll tell you what’s open. It’s your ass! I’m very angry!!!!”

5:39 Tarbash: “Fine. That is open too. When I…”

5:42 Diane: “Give me the address or give me…”

5:44 Tarbash: “…I…”

5:44 Diane: “…the fiancée’s number if not [Inaudible 05:45]…”

5:46 Tarbash: “My fiancée number?”

5:47 Diane: “What time is it?”

5:48 Tarbash: “My fiancée is…”

5:48 Diane: “Do you know how to tell time?”

5:50 Tarbash: “I can…”

5:50 Diane: “Do you know how to tell time?”

5:51 Tarbash: “I can tell… I can tell the time.”

5:54 Diane: “I’m calling you back.”

5:55 Tarbash: “You calling me back?”

5:56 Laughter and background noise

5:58 Jack: “Hello.”

6:01 Dial tone in the background

6:05 Phone number being dialed