Ball Game Beating – the woke version

Title: “Inclusive Community Gathering”

[Scene: A park on a sunny day. Two friends, Alex and Sam, are sitting on a bench, enjoying the weather.]

Alex: Hey, Sam, you know what? I’m thinking of organizing a community gathering at the park.

Sam: Oh yeah? That sounds awesome! What’s the occasion?

Alex: No occasion, really. I just feel like it would be great for everyone to come together, you know, to promote inclusivity and solidarity in our neighborhood.

Sam: Wow, that’s a fantastic idea! Count me in. How do you plan on organizing it?

Alex: Well, I thought we could have some fun activities like a friendly soccer match or maybe a game of frisbee. Oh, and of course, we’ll have some snacks and refreshments for everyone to enjoy.

Sam: Sounds perfect. But what about those who may not be able to participate in physical activities?

Alex: Good point. We can set up a chill-out area with board games and art supplies. We want everyone to feel included and valued.

Sam: Absolutely. It’s important to create a space where everyone feels welcome and comfortable.

[Alex’s phone buzzes with a text message.]

Alex: Oh, looks like some of our neighbors are already excited about the idea. Let’s make this happen and show the power of unity and diversity in our community.

Sam: Definitely. Together, we can make a positive impact and foster meaningful connections among everyone.

[They share a fist bump as they continue discussing their plans for the inclusive community gathering.]

[End Scene.]