Tarbash’s Car Trouble

Title: “Tarbash’s Ride Dilemma”

[Setting: A busy city street. Tarbash, a conscientious and eco-friendly cab driver, waits in his hybrid vehicle for passengers.]

Tarbash: (Answering a call) Hello, this is Tarbash. How may I assist you on this fine day?

Caller: Yo, I need a ride to the corner of 5th and Elm.

Tarbash: Certainly, my friend. I’ll be happy to transport you to your destination in a sustainable and safe manner. Please provide your exact location, and I’ll be there shortly.

Caller: Great, I’m standing outside the Starbucks on Maple Avenue.

Tarbash: Understood. I’ll be there momentarily.

[Scene transition: Tarbash arrives at the Starbucks. The caller enters the cab.]

Caller: (Getting in) Hey man, thanks for picking me up.

Tarbash: Of course, it’s my pleasure. Please buckle up for safety.

Caller: Yeah, yeah, whatever. Just get me to 5th and Elm.

Tarbash: Absolutely. Do you have a preferred route, or shall I take the most efficient path considering traffic patterns and environmental impact?

Caller: Just go the quickest way, man.

Tarbash: Understood. I’ll navigate us to our destination promptly and responsibly.

[The ride progresses. Suddenly, the caller becomes impatient.]

Caller: Yo, why are we stopping? Hurry up, I’m in a rush!

Tarbash: My apologies, but there’s a demonstration ahead. It seems to be advocating for climate action. Would you like me to find an alternate route?

Caller: Nah, just plow through them!

Tarbash: I cannot do that. Respecting the rights of protesters and ensuring everyone’s safety is paramount. I’ll find a detour.

Caller: Ugh, fine.

[They reach the destination.]

Tarbash: Here we are, 5th and Elm. Your total comes to $10.50. Would you like a receipt?

Caller: Nah, just keep the change.

Tarbash: Thank you for your generosity. Have a splendid day, and remember, small acts of kindness towards the planet can make a big difference.

Caller: Yeah, whatever, man.

[Tarbash drives off, satisfied with his eco-conscious approach to driving.]