Sol’s Glasses – the woke version

Title: “Sol’s Eyewear Dilemma”

[Scene: A bustling urban street, where Sol, a socially conscious individual, walks along, sporting a pair of eco-friendly glasses made from recycled materials. He’s visibly agitated, trying to navigate through the crowd.]

Sol: [muttering to himself] Gosh darn it, these recycled lenses are completely fogged up! How can I advocate for sustainability if I can’t even see where I’m going?

[As Sol tries to clean his glasses with a reusable cloth, he accidentally bumps into a passerby, Jane, who’s carrying a canvas bag filled with organic produce.]

Jane: Oh, hey there! Are you okay?

Sol: Oh, sorry about that. Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just these glasses… They’re supposed to be environmentally friendly, but they’re not exactly practical.

Jane: [nodding sympathetically] I totally get it. It’s tough to balance sustainability with functionality sometimes.

Sol: Exactly! I mean, I want to support eco-friendly products, but if they don’t work properly, what’s the point?

Jane: Preach! Have you tried those eco-conscious lens cleaning solutions? They’re supposed to be better for the planet and work wonders on foggy glasses.

Sol: No, I haven’t, but that’s a great suggestion. I’ll definitely look into it. Thanks!

[As Sol and Jane continue their conversation about environmentally conscious consumer choices, the scene fades out with them heading towards a local sustainable goods store, eager to explore more eco-friendly options.]

[End scene.]