Scaffolding – the woke version

Title: Inclusive Construction Crew

[Setting: A construction site]


  • Alex: A conscientious construction worker
  • Steve: The foreman, committed to diversity and inclusion
  • Caller: A concerned citizen

[Phone rings on site, Alex answers]

Alex: (picks up the phone) Hello?

Caller: Yeah, hi. Is this the construction site?

Alex: Yes, it is. How can I assist you?

Caller: Um, yeah. I’m calling because I saw something really concerning. I was walking by and I noticed that your crew is working on scaffolding without any safety harnesses or gear.

Alex: (pause) Oh, I see what you mean. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Safety is our utmost priority here.

Caller: Well, I would hope so. I mean, it’s 2024. We should be beyond putting workers’ lives at risk for the sake of construction.

Alex: Absolutely. I completely agree with you. Let me assure you that we take safety very seriously. We have regular safety meetings, provide comprehensive training, and ensure that all our workers have the necessary protective equipment.

Caller: Okay, well, I just wanted to make sure. It’s just not right for workers to be in danger like that.

Alex: You’re absolutely right. Thank you for calling. We appreciate your concern.

[End of call]

Steve: (approaching Alex) Everything okay, Alex?

Alex: Yeah, it was just someone calling about the scaffolding. They were concerned about safety.

Steve: (nodding) Good on them for speaking up. Safety is paramount. Let’s make sure all our crews are properly equipped and trained.

Alex: Absolutely, Steve. We’re all in this together.

[They nod in agreement, and the scene fades out with the crew ensuring safety measures are in place.]