Birthday Prank Cal

If you grew up in the 80s to the 90s, receiving a prank call from someone is like receiving a text message today. Popularized by the comical duo from Queens, New York, the Jerky Boys became a household name for various prank phone calls and related skits.  Composed of Johnny Brennan and Kamal Ahmed, the Jerky Boys were famous during the 90s for these antics. However, prank call or phony call, hoax call or crank calls have been around in 70s. This type of nuisance call, intends to play practical joke to the receiver of the call. 

In the early days of prank calling, the Tube Bar prank call tapes made wave in the mid-70s. Jim Davidson and John Elmo would ask Louis “Red” Deutsch various non-existing customers in a bar in Jersey City. The two pranksters used names that are puns and homophones that are usually offensive. The calls circulated on copied cassette tapes widely during this time and may have been the inspiration of “The Simpsons.” Comedian Jerry Lewis was also a household name for being a habitual phone prank caller.

Famous people who were victims of prank calls

During the 80s to the 90s, prank calling peaked, this was during the time when caller IDs on our telephone was basically non-existent. When your phone rings, you pick it up and you end up falling for prank calls. Among the famous people that fall prey to this antic was Queen Elizabeth II who was fooled by Canadian DJ Pierre Brassard who played as Jean Chretien who was the prime minister of Canada that time. The Venezuela’s strongman did not escape this practical joke. Radio El Zol called Hugo Chavez and identified themselves as Fidel Castro. The Miami-based radio station was not done, this time they switched roles, pretending to be Chavez, they called the Cuban dictator which made the Cuban president swear live after the hosts have revealed their true identity.

However, even in this digital age, where almost all phones have caller IDs not to mention almost all have smartphones, some politicians were not lucky enough to escape such act. In 2005, the newly elected Bolivian president, Evo Morales was pranked by COPE (a Spanish radio station that is affiliated with the Catholic Church). They pretended to be the Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and made a joke out of the call. You probably heard of the Russian opposition leader who was poisoned recently? Well he prank call an FSB agent who eventually admitted that such criminal act was done by the agency. This happened in 2020 and made headlines.  

The Jerky Boys and their personalized prank greetings.

Going back to the more popular comic duo, the Jerky Boys were very famous during the 90s. They even appeared on movies, not to mention numerous radio “guestings”. Their comic acts have made a big impact to the industry that some comedians have admitted that the two were their inspirations. Today, you can still enjoy their pranks through their own recordings. You can order for a Frank Rizzo voice, Sol Rosenberg, Jack Tor s, Kissel, the Big Ole Badass Bob the Cattle Rustler or anyone that you use to love. You can have them for someone’s anniversary, wedding, Graduation, engagement, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, birthdays and any other special occasions.

The Jerky Boys Birthday Prank Call

One of the Jerky Boys top menus is their Birthday Prank Calls. Here you could surprise your friend, loved ones, classmates or anybody that you want to surprise on their special day. You can have Frank Rizzo or Sol call your girlfriend and annoy them early in the morning while you record the entire scene on your phone. The look on their faces would totally be priceless.

Just a word of caution though, prank calls, even on a birthday, is meant to be funny and enjoyable. Make sure that the person who will get the call on their birthday is not too sensitive and can receive the jokes gamely. Best to inform the “caller” about the the supposed victim so they can make necessary adjustments. The Jerky Boys is the best place to look for prank call ideas, especially birthday prank calls. You may have probably heard a lot about this, but Frank Rizzo, Sol and the gang can always provide you with funny, unique and witty prank phone calls that are truly enjoyable.

Other Things to Consider Before “Hoaxing” Someone on their Birthday

Here are some things to keep in mind before you decide to surprise someone with prank birthday calls or other prank calls.

If possible, provide a private number or make it private.

Provide necessary information about the victim but make sure that some details are not too confidential.

Prank should be funny and not offending, thus, inform what we can and we shouldn’t say.

When your friend or Girlfriend receives the call, refrain from making faces or laughing. This will spoil the fun. Instead secretly make a recording and show it to them later on.

To avail of the jerky Boys personalized prank calls, choose your favorite Jerky Boys character. Tell us something about the “victim,” and we will contact you ASAP.

We want everything to be funny and really personalized, thus, provide us with a little bit of your dirty little secrets or some juicy bits for the person you are buying the recording for. We want to totally blow his or her mind when receiving the call. Remember this is about a couple of minutes, make sure to give us those juicy dirt to make the entire personalized recording hilarious.

Other things to consider about prank calls

Although this prank calling thing is meant to purely provide entertainment and is solely for personal consumption, there are legal issues that may arise if you violate any of the following.

Calling emergency services like your EMS or 911 and prank them. Calling someone with the intent to abuse, harass or threaten someone. Today, you need to extra careful as more and more people have special words to use just to sound politically correct. Nowadays you can’t just say something without offending someone. So, when you want to prank someone on his or her birthday, be on the safe side of things. This would make it beneficial for both of us. Different states and countries may have different laws about prank calls, it is best to check it out first before contacting us. But when we talked about the Jerky Boys personalized birthday prank calls, such issues and problems may seemed far-fetched as we make sure that we will not go beyond what was asked or mandated from us.

Bomb threats are also a big no-no. This is not funny and can land you in jail with hefty fines. Any prank calls that can cause trouble and danger are taken seriously by the government. Prank calling a restaurant for orders and not honoring it can also land you in jail. This irresponsible prank calls have cost tens of thousands of dollars to the food and restaurant industry. Lastly, prank call is not phone scam. We are not in the business of fooling people and getting their hard earned money. The jerky Boys as we always have been, are here to provide entertainment and “annoy”” you delightfully. Phone scam on the other hand is meant to defraud, swindle, con and dupe people for financial gain and the likes.  

Today, prank calling can easily be identified, thanks to caller IDs. This gadget has caused a decline in the art of prank calling. However, we at the Jerky Boys can still call your personal “victim” on their special day without them knowing that they are in for a show. Don’t worry, we have our own little way to hide our identity and still provide you with the entertainment that you want on his or her birthday. Just prepare your camera, smart phone and hold your smile when we call.