Bad Tomatoes – the woke version

Title: “Misunderstood Produce”

[Setting: A trendy organic grocery store]


  • Woke Activist (replacing Frank Rizzo)
  • Conscious Shopper (replacing Jack Tors)
  • Store Clerk

[The Woke Activist enters the store, browsing through the produce section. The Conscious Shopper is also there, examining some tomatoes.]

Woke Activist: (clearing throat) Excuse me, my friend, I couldn’t help but notice you’re eyeing those tomatoes.

Conscious Shopper: Oh, yeah. Just checking them out. Trying to be mindful of what I consume, you know?

Woke Activist: Absolutely. It’s crucial to support local, sustainable agriculture. But have you considered the plight of these tomatoes?

Conscious Shopper: The plight of the tomatoes?

Woke Activist: Yes. Think about it. These tomatoes are picked from the vine before they’re ripe, forced into mass production, and then packaged for our convenience.

Conscious Shopper: Hmm, I hadn’t really thought about it that way.

Woke Activist: And what about their journey? Many of these tomatoes are shipped across continents, contributing to carbon emissions and exploiting labor in the process.

Conscious Shopper: Wow, I never realized the impact of my tomato choices.

Woke Activist: It’s not just about the tomatoes themselves; it’s about the systems that produce them. We must advocate for fair trade practices, support local farmers, and prioritize sustainable farming methods.

[The store clerk approaches.]

Store Clerk: Can I help you folks find anything?

Woke Activist: Yes, we were just discussing the ethical implications of these tomatoes.

Store Clerk: Ah, I see. Well, our store is committed to sourcing from responsible suppliers and promoting environmental stewardship.

Conscious Shopper: That’s great to hear. I’ll definitely keep that in mind when making my selections.

Woke Activist: Excellent. Remember, every purchase is a vote for the world we want to live in.

[The Conscious Shopper nods in agreement, and they continue their shopping with a newfound awareness of the impact of their choices on the planet and its inhabitants.]

[End Scene]