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The Jerky Boys are a classic ’90s comedy act from Queens. They may not have created crank calling, but they certainly perfected it. What started out as fun — holding the phone up to a tape recorder — turned into comedy gold. With six comedy albums, and two of them platinum-certified, there’s no wonder why celebrities such as Seth MacFarlane cite the Jerky Boys as comedic inspiration. With 22 regular¬†characters for the calls, from blue-collar workers to flamboyant dancers, there’s something to be enjoyed by everyone. All in all, the comedy has mastered foul-mouthed shock value.

But the prank calls did more than just annoy the person on the other end — confusion, absurdity, and laughter arose as well. The Jerky Boys created a simple brand of humor anyone could be amused by. And the reason it worked so well? The Jerky Boys didn’t just play-act as the fictional character they created. They became them on the phone.

While the 1990’s are long gone, The Jerky Boys aren’t. The nostalgia for the ’90s which permeates our culture today has ensured The Jerky Boys still have a place in our hearts. And you can still see their influence on the big screen. Director of Bridesmaids and The Heat, Paul Feig, gets a lot of his comedy from The Jerky Boys. Comedian Amy Schumer is also a longtime fan. After two apps, a podcast series in 2011, and a Rolling Stone interview in 2014 with new recordings, The Jerky Boys continue to do what they’ve always done — make people laugh.


The Jerky Boys are now offering custom recordings. The recordings are set up as a roast, with information provided about you from friends, family, and other “loved ones.” Rest assured, The Jerky Boys will be around as long as prank calls remain entertaining. And there’s little doubt that they’ll go out of style soon.