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You are a huge fan of the Jerky Boys?

Well, you’re in luck because now you can get your very own Jerky Boys recording. Have Frank Rizzo, Sol Rosenberg, Jack Tors or any of the other zany Jerky characters call you or your friends.

Here is the whole Jerky Boys gang:

  • Frank Rizzo – an extremely abrasive, foul-mouthed blue-collar Italian-American New Yorker with bizarre complaints and requests
  • Sol Rosenberg – a frail, insecure, male middle-aged to elderly New York Jew who suffers from various, and often comical problems and ailments. Somewhat childish in his demeanor, Sol seeks treatment for problems ranging from genital warts to a fear of his own shadow.
  • Jack Tors – a flamboyant homosexual man who frequently takes part in bizarre sexual activities and is looking for assistance or supplies related to this. Also a musician, catwalk model, casting director and a dancer
  • Big Ole Badass Bob The Cattle Rustler – an American Westerner/Texan who drives a semi-truck
  • Sammy Cox – older man with a pronounced lisp
  • Mike Derucki – an out-of-work painter
  • Jake – handles incoming calls for Mr. Silverman, the phony sports agent
  • Jake – a truck driver with a penchant for speed and stunts
  • Frank Kissel – an aged World War II veteran and ex-singer who uses a wheelchair
  • Anthony Kissel – Frank Kissel’s son
  • Martha Kissel – Frank Kissel’s wife
  • Nikos – an immigrant Greek delicatessen owner
  • Pico – an abused Mexican immigrant; often hired as Kissel’s personal assistant, which invariably has disastrous consequences
  • Paul Rizzo – a car salesman in upstate New York who uses violent techniques to close sales, including choking and threatening customers
  • Rosine – a flamboyant, flirtatious Puerto Rican transvestite who often slaps herself for sexual gratification. She also plays the flute and serves as a sign language interpreter for the hearing impaired.
  • Silverman – a phony sports agent who convinces an unsuspecting young man that he can earn a job playing baseball for the New York Yankees

The Jerky Boys are here for any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, or any of the other occassions we can think of:

[complete list of events, like birthday, bar mitzvah, etc.]

This is a must have gift for any Jerky Boys fan. Just choose your favorite Jerky Boys character, tell us a little about your friend, and we’ll call you right up.

The recordings cost $150.00 and are 1-2 minutes long and they are sent as web playable files by email along with new Jerky Boys artwork.

Personalized Jerky Boys Recording